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power lifting package V2
black commercial power rack with band pegs, barbell and bumper plates
black adjustable weight bench
Black Body Iron bumper plate set with 7ft Olympic Barbell
optional dip attachments for squat rack
black Olympic snap locks

Power Lifting Package V2

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Heavy Lifts ✓  Adaptable ✓  Commercial Grade ✓  Super Saver ✓

The Power Lifting Package V2 is going to take your lifts to new extremes! Carefully designed to facilitate training for the three power lifting moves - bench press, deadlift, and squats - you'll be crushing PB's left, right and centre!

Featuring commercial-grade power rack and Olympic barbell, both with weight capacities exceeding 450kg, you'll not only be training with top-tier equipment, but this package will be able to keep up with your training progressions for years to come.

The fully adjustable weight bench offers 6 incline positions. This is imperative for developing upper body strength as working the body at different angles enables you to engage a larger number of muscle fibres. By doing so, this will help tremendously with advancing the weight on your bench press and deadlift.

The dip bars have been included as a way to execute isolated exercises, such as triceps dips and elevated push ups to ensure you are hitting those harder to target muscles such as your triceps. This is important for not only achieving muscle symmetry but also to ensure all muscles are being adequately trained to assist with your compound movements.

  • Develop Strength: bench press, dead lifts and squats are all compound movements. This means that with every repetition you perform, you engage multiple muscles simultaneously. This is one of the most effective ways to develop total body strength.

  • Stay Motivated: power lifting is all about striving for a new one rep max. By giving you a constant goal to work towards this will help you stay motivated and consistent with your training.

  • Training Progression: power lifting training can help you overcome a training plateau as its all about low repetitions with heavy weights. This method of training is a great way to advance your max weight, as its much easier to lift a heavy load for 1-6 reps than it is for 8-12. 

  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: this packages includes some of our highest-quality products, guaranteed to last years in your gym space!



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