Premium Personal Trainer Package
Premium Personal Trainer Package
Body Iron FT75 Smith Machine
Upright black adjustable exercise bench
optional dip attachments for squat rack
Black Bodyworx Treadmill
Black air rowing machine
Impetus air bike
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Premium Personal Trainer Package

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Complete Gym ✓  Diverse Equipment ✓  Versatile ✓  Suitable for Everyone ✓  Commercial Grade Equipment ✓  Humungous Savings ✓  

The absolute king of all package deals. Whether your a commercial gym owner, personal trainer with a private studio, or just a fitness fanatic looking to fit-out the ultimate home gym, this bundle has everything you need to smash any fitness goal at a budget friendly price!

Offering just the right balance between strength and cardio equipment, you'll be spoilt for choice each and every training session.

Featuring fan favourite functional trainer, the Body Iron FT750 is a complete gym in itself! Equipped with smith machine, cables (including attachments), power rack, and multi-grip chin up bar, this functional trainer is great for performing all your big compound movements, as well as isolated exercises to help target a specific muscle group. Pair this with the Body Iron barbell and bumper plates, and you've broken all boundaries on where your weight training can go!

You (or your clients) will be able to pick your poison when cardio day comes around. Featuring top-of-the-range treadmill, bike and rower, these machines offer an intense cardio workout for all fitness levels. All offering a diverse range of intensity levels, as well as various pre-set programs, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

    • Complete Gym Set-Up: with a mixture of both strength and cardio equipment, this package deal offers an entire gym set-up at an extremely low price.

    • Build Strength: with a total weight combination of 390kg, you'll have all the tools necessary to continue adding progressive overload to your strength training.

    • Improve Cardiovascular Health: strengthen your heart and see improvements to your aerobic capacity through your cardio training.

    • Promote Fat Loss: mixing up your training with a combination of weights and cardio is one of the most effective ways to promote fat loss and maximise your results.

    • Functional Training: a type of exercise that helps us perform everyday movements with more efficiency, including; push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, and rotation. This package has been designed specifically to assist with this type of training by including a variety of free weights and machine equipment.

    • Commercial-Grade Equipment: featuring some top-tier equipment, you'll be working out with complete peace of minding knowing you've got your hands on some of the best equipment out there at a bargain price.