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Punch Armadillo Safety Focus Pads

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The Armadillo Safety Focus Pads are ideal for coaches, pad holders or trainers looking to lower the risk of injury to themselves or the striker.
This focus pad is built for beginners, fitness boxing training and those prone to injuries.

With a larger, curved target size, these pads will assist with beginners and hitting accurately while protecting the pad holder with HUGE anti-shock wrist stabilisers.
There is also an added control ball for extra grip & covered finger slots to protect the pad holders hand.

If you’re looking for a focus pad that’s built for serious safety, you can’t go past the Armadillo Safety Focus Pads!

  • Designed for seriously safe pad holding
  • Safety wrist lock bar & palm control ball
  • Large curved target face for an extra forgiving angle
  • Huge anti-shock wrist stabilisers
  • High-density padding
  • Lightweight pads
  • 100% Punchtex® synthetic material casing