Punch Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves
Punch Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves
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Punch Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves

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The original, authentic Mexican designed glove has been further upgraded for the 30th-anniversary range. The Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves are back for the lover of making as tighter fist as possible when striking.

These beautifully hand-crafted boxing gloves are primarily designed for sparring.
If you're looking for a hard-hitting fist position, premium sparring glove, this boxing glove is for you.

The Elite boxing gloves are closer to a traditionally shaped Mexican Boxing glove which houses a streamlined, firmer hand-fit & SNUG fist shaping making this glove feel impressively compact with its specialist deeply turned in-thumb as an added glove feature.


  • The original, specialist turned in, Mexican thumb position for a really ‘SNUG' fist in comparison to the Ultra
  •  Authentic, state of the art 'Mexican glove' shaping, instantly noticeable by those who can truly tell the difference
  •  Perfectly balanced boxing gloves for more effective punches & detectable striking feedback
  •  True-to-weight guaranteed, hand cut latex & injected mould combination padding
  •  Trindle/Tafitta wicking linings & white contrast stitching
  •  Premium grade, extra thick cowhide leather casings with tab attached thumbs
  •  A stunning Mexican styled boxing glove for sparring!
  •  Thick, full wrap, hook & loop wrist closure for a wrist security