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Reebok Boxing Mitts - Black Extra Large

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The modern black and white Reebok boxing mitts with generous padding protect your hands when performing pad work and general boxing training. Easy to slip on and off, the mitts feature elasticated wrist support and a ventilated palm to keep you cool throughout your workout. Perfect for both beginners and advanced boxers, these Reebok mitts withstand tough workouts and regular use. Mitt training promotes proper punching and striking skills, and these gloves are a stylish yet practical option to help you develop a wide variety of combative skills - plus you can take them anywhere for a spontaneous sparring session.

Product features:

  • Breathable palm with ventilation mesh
  • Elasticated wrist support
  • Generously padded for comfort and ergonomic support
  • Ideal for pad work
  • Large Black and White boxing mitts
  • Ventilated palm design