Adidas Full Body Weight Vest ADSP-10701


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Adidas Full Body Weight Vest ADSP-10701 

The Adidas Full Body Weight Vest is the weighted jacket of all jackets! With 10kg of weight spread evenly over your entire upper body, extra resistance is added to every move you make. Though if you wish to lessen the intensity, the weight inserts can be removed at your leisure via the numerous integrated zip pocket compartments.


The full length zip creates a snug fit while the elasticated buckle belt adds further grip and comfort. Lined with a soft material, the adidas Weight Vest can be worn directly against your skin or over the top of your workout apparel and the internal balanced weights are soft to mould to the shape of your upper body.


Though one size fits all, the adidas weighted jacket is flexible and can be personalised to suit you and your training preferences. It's breathable with a lined neck line and cut deep arm holes, allowing the shoulders and arms to move freely. Plus, it's machine washable.


  • Specification and Features

    • 10kg adidas Full Body Weight Vest in black
    • Adjustable 10kg weight across upper body - weights can be removed to personalise the fit
    • Full length zip and elasticated buckle belt for secure fit
    • Internal weights mould to your body shape. Weights include: 2 x 0.5kg, 4 x 1kg, 1 x 1.25kg and 1 x 2.5kg
    • Soft material lining enabling you to wear directly on skin or over the top of workout apparel
    • It's machine washable.

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