Reebok One GT40 Treadmill


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Reebok One GT40 Treadmill

    • The Reebok GT40 Treadmill offers excellent value as a piece of exercise equipment with no compromise on features. A large 7” LCD display with quick speed and incline buttons provide easy access for a varied treadmill workout, with all the expected user feedback functions including speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and incline.

    • The inclusive features housed within the console offer excellent variety with 16 console programmes, a max speed of 16km/h and 12 levels of electronic incline, all supported by the 2.0HP motor. Enhance your workout with the built in pulse sensors to track your heart rate or run to the beat with the integrated MP3 input and speakers, which allow you to listen to all of your favourite tunes while completing one of the many pre-set programmes on the Reebok GT40 Treadmill.

    • The running area of 43 x 130cm provides ample space for long distance runs, which is further enhanced by the unique ONE Series cushioning system, designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable running experience. The soft-drop folding function provides extra convenience and safety while the built in transport wheels allow you to move the treadmill around easily and efficiently.
    • The GT40 treadmill provides you with all of the necessary feedback including speed, time, distance, incline, calories burnt and through hand pulse receivers you can keep track of your heart rate for the most efficient workout yet! We know that staying motivated during your workout is very important – which is why the GT40 treadmill has a range of features to keep you motivated.

    • The built in MP3 input and speaker system lets you listen to all your favourite workout tunes throughout your workout, while the integrated cooling fan will keep you fresh and cool to run for longer. Treadmill running can actually help you tone and strengthen muscles as well as being one of the best cardiovascular exercises around. With easily controlled speed and incline levels, you can work your muscles more effectively than an outdoor running.

  • Reebok ONE Series Cushioning takes the natural gait cycle of running and divides it up into three distinct transitional zones, which are built into the treadmill running deck. These zones are designed to mimic the natural movement and transition of the human foot, helping to make runs more efficient and comfortable. The three zones work seamlessly together within the single running deck, hence the name ONE
  • The first zone at the front of the running deck helps to address CONTACT in the heel by featuring a soft reactive surface, which immediately absorbs the impact on strike. The second MIDSTANCE zone ensures the natural transition of the foot is a smooth and seamless one. The third PROPULSION zone at the rear of the running deck is equipped with a firm, responsive surface, which delivers forward energy during the toe-off phase. With our Reebok Treadmills, we are committed to quality which is why we offer a 5 year warranty on the treadmill motor and a 2 year warranty on parts and labour.



  • 2HP Rating (Continuous) motor
  • 16kph Max Speed
  • ONE Series cushioning
  • Running Belt: 1.6mm thick
  • Roller Spec. Front:Φ46*524mm Rear:Φ46*440mm
  • Hand Pulse Sensors
  • Incline Levels: 0-12 with quick incline controls
  • 130 x 43cm running area
  • Assembled dimensions L 173cm x W 79.6cm x H 136cm
  • Folded dimensions: 103x 79.6 x 145
  • Speed and incline handlebar controls
  • 7" LCD display screen
  • Heart rate control
  • Console Feedback: Speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, incline
  • Programmes: 16 console workouts (including target time, distance, calories, body fat, heart rate control, manual)
  • MP3 input with built in speakers
  • iPod Connectivity (via wire)
  • Speaker Spec. Yes 3W competitors have 2W Speakers
  • Folding design
  • Soft drop mechanism
  • Auto stop safety system.
  • Max user weight 120kg
  • Product Weight 88 kg
  • Cartons Dimensions (cm) 197.5 (L) x 85 (W) x 32.5 (H)
  • Real Warranty


(Truth about Treadmills. You get what you pay for.):

(Cheap Treadmills):

  • 1. So the truth is you are getting only 12 months return to base warranty; not in home labour warranty.
  • 2. The cheap treadmill manufacturers are not confident that the treadmill will last more than 12 months.
  • 3. The cheaper treadmills have very low weight capacity. The motor, belt, deck, rollers, bearings and electronics are constantly struggling to keep up with the strain, especially if the user is overweight.
  • 4. Generally, inferior quality cheaper treadmills may not be sturdy, and they may not provide smooth, comfortable workout to protect your joints.
  • 5. Cheaper inferior quality Treadmills require you to constantly adjust the running belt as it tends to lose tension. These cheap treadmills need to be constantly lubricated with silicone spray, and require more electricity to operate.
  • 6. These inferior quality Treadmills are not meant to last long, and designed for short term use. This is to luring you into buying a new one every year.
  • 7. In case of warranty, with a cheap treadmill you will need to send it to the supplier and have it repaired and then sent back to you. You will need to pay for these shipping expenses out of your own pocket. Shipping could cost you over $300 on top of the repair cost. So you could be out of pocket more than $600.
  • 8.Many retailers sell treadmills that are made with very inferior quality material that weigh very light with little structural stability. These retailers will offer you cheap or even free shipping because of the light weight of the poor quality made treadmills. The general industry standard among quality treadmill manufacturers is that a treadmill can handle an average 35% - 40% on top of its net weight. This means, if the net weight of a treadmill is 100 kgs, it can handle a maximum of 135 kgs of user weight. If you consider the weight of these cheaply manufactured treadmills weighing 60 kgs and less, ideally they can only handle 80 kgs of user weight; not 160 kgs advertised. The best way to work out the maximum user weight capacity of a treadmill is to multiply it's net weight with 1.35.

(Reebok Treadmills):

  • 1. Silent motor allows you to use it at any time you like.
  • 2. These high quality treadmills use significantly less electricity.
  • 3. These Reebok treadmills have much wider and longer running deck.
  • 4. 5 year unconditional coverage on motor and drive systems.
  • 5. 2 years on all other parts and the most important thing is 2 years
  • 6. Onsite labour on all other parts. Because if your treadmill breakdown the manufacturer will send a qualified technician to come to your location to repair it.
  • 8. A reputable treadmill manufacturer like Reebok is not scared to give you on site labour warranty as they have confidence in the quality of their product.
  • 9. Reebok is a highly reputed multi-national company. This brand represents high-end quality and will only associate with quality products.


Real Warranty

  • 5 Year Motor and Drive System
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 1 Year In home labour
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