Reebok Speed ball


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Reebok Speed ball


  • Constructed with heavy duty leather, the Reebok Speed Bag offers absolute accuracy, lightning-fast speed and long-lasting durability.
  • Where a combat heavy bag develops power, the speed bag develops skill and punching precision. It requires focus, hand-eye coordination and stamina. Incorporating the speed bag into your routine provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout and is an excellent way to let off steam and de-stress.
  • With 360 degree access, you can hit the speed bag from all angles, adjusting your movements accordingly. You need to be nimble and your reaction needs to be fast.
  • Working out with the speed bag is a fun form of exercise which effectively improves your shoulder and arm strength, adding definition to the muscles. Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, the speed bag is a great piece of equipment for all – boxing exercise using a speed bag has a low risk of injury, though it’s advised to use hand wraps or bag gloves.
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    The Speed Ball perfect for:

      • Improve your cardio, power, speed, technique, focus and movement.

      Specification and Features:

          • Constructed with heavy duty leather
          • Lightweight, ideal for improving punching skill, timing, rhythm and conditioning
          • Solid rebound mechanism
          • Stitched panel construction ensures durability
          • Home Use
          • Air pump not included

      Comes with:

      • Reebok Speed ball

      Available Options:

    • Swivel and wall frame sold separately
    • Air pump not included
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