Reebok Yoga Strap 2.5 Meters
Reebok Yoga Strap 2.5 Meters
Reebok Yoga Strap 2.5 Meters
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Reebok Yoga Strap 2.5 Meters

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The Reebok yoga strap is a great solution when it comes to the hard-to-reach yoga positions. The strap provides perfect support while stretching and hanging. It is made from cotton with polyester and includes a robust metal buckle which helps to hold it securely in place. Yoga straps allow you to expand your range, achieve more challenging positions and sustain poses for longer periods of time.

  • 2.5m in length
  • Anti-slip and easy to adjust
  • Durable tight woven texture
  • Expands you range to achieve more challenging positions
  • Helps aid posture alignment whilst supporting your poses
  • Robust metal D buckle to adjust and secure the strap
  • Tight weave texture maintains form through heavy usage