Safety Squat Bar

Body Iron

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Safety Squat Bar

Safety Squat Bar allows you to perform back Squats in much more comfort than with a traditional straight bar.the weight is distributed more evenly making it far more comfortable to use than a traditional straight bar.

Product Includes :

  • Great for- Squats ,Lunges
  • Great for performing Standing Calf Raises from a Calf Raise Block
  • Chrome powder coated
  • Padded shoulder and neck with built in handgrips for comfort
  • Approximate Length 86 inches
  • Can be used with cage or squat rack with a width of 110cm or less
  • Approximate Weight 49 Lbs
  • Rated at 350 kg
  • Chrome Bar


We recommend Lock Jaw Collars for use with this bars. They are much more secure and safe than spring collars.

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