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BodyWorx Ski Machine Pro Commercial

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The Bodyworx Ski Machine Pro Commercial Offers an entire body workout aiding in building strength and endurance, in a very low impact machine. As with the Bodyworx Air Rowers, the harder you pull the harder the resistance is. Added to this, the Bodyworx Ski Trainer Pro comes with an air dampener which is used to control the volume of air moved by the vanes of the rotating flywheel, therefore a larger vent opening results in a higher resistance, and a smaller vent opening results in a lower resistance.

  • Resistance: 9 Levels of Air Resistance
  • System: Fan System
  • Console: Backlit screen which display Stroke/RATE,Time, Distance/Cycle, Pulse, Calories,Watts; Paddle Width, Buzzer; Interval Program Profile
  • Programs: Enter/Stop key, Up/down/back key
  • Main Frame: 103.4cm (L) x 55.5 (W) x 2mm (T)
  • Floor Stand: 120cm (L) x 59cm (W) x 25mm (T)
  • Handle Bar: 49cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 3mm (T)
  • Support Bracket: 32mm (Dia) x 1.5mm (T)
  • Assembled Dimension: 135cm (L) x 61cm (W) x 215.9cm (H)
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