SKLZ tempo and grip trainer
SKLZ tempo and grip trainer handle and adjustable weight
man practicing his golf swing in the lounge room
man practicing his golf putting in lounge room
man practicing his golf swing in lounge room
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SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer

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Improve your golf swing tempo, timing and grip position with this SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer.

Featuring removable weights designed to simulate both your wood and iron clubs, this golf training accessory not only helps you perfect your golf swing, but provides you with an invaluable tool that can help you warm up, stretch and develop strength in golf-stimulated muscles.


  • 1 x grip trainer stick.
  • 2 x adjustable weights.

** Please note that this tempo and grip trainer is suitable for right-handed golfers only **

  • TRAINING GRIP: provides the correct hand position. 

  • ADAPTABLE: suitable for indoor and outdoor training sessions.

  • ADJUSTABLE: includes two weight adjustments for iron and wood practice.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SKILLS: specially designed to help you perfect your swing, tempo and grip position. 

Product weight: 10KG.

Length: 65cm.

Grip position: right-handed.