Man using a YBell on a weight bench within the combo small home gym space
Man on a spin bike in the compact small home gym
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Small Space Series - Combo Edition

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Are you after the perfect combination gym that includes both strength & cardio equipment, but have limited space to work in?

Then our Combo Edition Pack is the ideal home gym package for you!

The Combo Edition includes:

  • Next Fitness Utility FID Multi Bench
  • 2 x YBells (Size of your choice - XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Level 2 & 3 Power Bands
  • And choose from a Rower, Bike or Treadmill


The Next Fitness Utility FID Multi Bench will be a match made in heaven. With its stand-out design, sturdy construction and 8 levels of incline adjustment, this utility bench offers everything you need to achieve a complete full body workout, in order to achieve the physique of your dreams!

Now, you are going to have to put in the work, however, you'll easily stay motivated with the variety and versatility this bench has to offer. For starters, the ability to be placed into a flat, incline or decline position is extremely effective for targeting the muscle in your upper body, especially your chest, arms and shoulders. 

Some of WFA's favourite strength building exercises that can be performed using the Next Fitness Utility Bench include (but are not limited to) various presses, flies, rows and curls.

By utilising the different angles as a way to target more muscles you will be able to achieve a more defined and sculpted physique. 

Target any muscle group effectively and simply with the Reebok Power Bands.

Made from a highly durable rubber which maintains its strength and flexibility after prolonged periods of use. The level 2 & 3 Power Bands provide a range of resistance provides the ideal platform for progressive training.

Level 2 (grey): The resistances are per band and equate to the approximate loading at slight extension and up to maximum extension (or maximum loading) 17.5KG – 59KG 

Level 3 (black): The resistances are per band and equate to the approximate loading at slight extension and up to maximum extension (or maximum loading) 25KG – 80KG

If you have limited space for gym equipment, whether it be in your home or a commercial space, YBells are an extremely beneficial investment.

Why? Because they double up as four pieces of equipment in one.

The YBell replicates a:

  • Kettle Bell
  • Medicine Ball
  • Dumbbell
  • Push-up stand

This, therefore, means you can complete entire workouts, targeting different areas of the body, with just one piece of equipment.

The YBells are made from a non-slip & non-rust material called Neoprene, enabling you to increase efficiency in your workouts, whilst being able to perform them anytime and anywhere.

The YBells come in a range of sizes to suit all fitness levels including:

  • XS (4.3 kg, 9.5 lb) - recommended for those who are new to resistance training
  • S (6.5 kg, 14.3 lb) - recommended for those who train but don’t usually use weights
  • M (8 kg, 17.6 lb) - recommended for those who usually train a few times a week
  • L (10 kg, 22 lb) - recommended for those who are very fit & strong
  • XL (12 kg, 26.4 lb) - recommended for those who are extremely fit & strong

Shift your cardiovascular conditioning into high gear with the Marcy Easy Folding Motorised Treadmill. With its sturdy yet sleek design, this cardio machine is perfect for both beginners and serious fitness enthusiasts alike. You can fully customise your workouts to suit your fitness goals by either manually creating your own fitness program or utilising any of the ten preset programs. It even features three separate difficulty levels to suit all fitness levels.

This Marcy treadmill enables you to follow and monitor your entire workout by displaying your speed, time, calories burned and distance achieved.

Step up and push your limits with the Marcy Club Revolution Spin Bike. This stationary cycle delivers a smooth ride with its belt-driven tension system and 40kg flywheel. Designed to give the ultimate cardio workout, this bike will challenge users of all fitness levels.

The Marcy Revolution Spin Bike utilises manual resistance that simulates a variety of terrains. It also features an adjustable padded seat to ensure users of all ages and heights can enjoy a comfortable ride. Its sturdy and solid construction boasts durability and functionality that will suit any home or commercial gym.

Utilising Bodycraft’s Eddy Current Technology, the KVR200 offers a broad range of resistance to suit various fitness levels. This air and magnetic resistance rower shares many of the same features as its bigger brother the VR400 but boasts a small compact design, making it a great choice if your short on space.

    This rowing machine is best suited to home gym environments and/or first-time buyers, as it is much more simplistic compared to other models in the Bodycraft KVR collection.