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Smith Machine Set
black adjustable weight bench with red lever
Smith machine and half rack with weight plate storage pegs and safety spotters
Smith machine safety catchers
smith machine stoppers
Smith Machine Set
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Smith Machine Set

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Bring the feel of a commercial gym home with the Pivot Pro Package. Featuring some top-notch strength equipment, you'll be reaching your desired gains in no time!

It doesn't matter if your just starting out or are years in your weight-lifting journey, this package has everything you need to enjoy an intense session, each and every time.

The Pivot Pro Half Rack & Smith Machine gives you freedom to choose between free weights or machine stability for any given exercise.  This flexibility is awesome when you're striving for a new PB or trying out a new exercise, as you can decide whether the barbell or smith machine is the way to go.

Pair this with the compact and durable Pivot PHB3130 bench and you've got all the tools necessary to build size and strength. 

  • Develop Strength: this package was built for strength training. Sticking to the basics, we've put together an epic lifting pack that will help you shred fat, increase size and build on your strength. 

  • Improve Technique: the ability to alternate between the barbell and smith machine is awesome for working on your technique. The smith machine can help you nail the correct movement pattern before loading up the bar and taking it solo.

  • Storage: the Pivot half rack / smith machine includes weight plate storage pegs and J-hooks for easy and convenient storage.

  • Commercial Grade Equipment: this package includes some of our best equipment, suitable for any home or commercial environment.


Gym Flooring 4 x 4 square meters - $169


Weight Plate Compatibility: Olympic plates only.

Assembled Dimensions: 121cm (L) x 194cm (W) x 215cm (H) approx.

Weight Capacities: 

- Smith Machine: 280kgs

- Long Spotters: 280kg

- J-Hooks: 280kg.