Everlast Speed Reflex Package
Wooden swivel stand for speed ball
Black leather speed ball attached to wooden swivel stand
Speed & Reflex Package
black leather floor to ceiling ball
wooden swivel stand
black floor anchors for boxing bag or floor to ceiling ball
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Speed & Reflex Package

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Improve Skills ✓  Relieve Stress  ✓  Suitable for all Skill Levels ✓   

Completely transform your cardio workouts whilst working on your speed, reflexes and stamina with this wicked boxing bundle. Suitable for all skill and fitness levels, this package deal will not only help you develop a mean right hook, but it can also be used to build strength, improve your aerobic fitness and relieve stress!

Speed balls are unreal for improving your hand eye coordination and agility whilst working up a sweat. These little beasts predominately work the shoulders, biceps, triceps and pecs, and can be a great tool to help you tone and sculpt the upper body.

When you're ready to switch things up the floor to ceiling ball encourages a little more foot work, offering a wicked full body workout guaranteed to get the heart pumping! This boxing bag is excellent for working on your reflexes and reaction time, as it not only teaches you how to throw a better punch, but also what to do when you miss one. 

  • Improve Your Cardiovascular Fitness: boxing is a great way to get the heart racing and the lunges pumping. By engaging in regular cardio activity you'll strengthen these organs, and teach them to operate more efficiently.

  • Develop Strength: boxing requires repeated exertion using extreme force. But repeatedly throwing punch after punch, kick after kick, you'll strengthen the upper and lower body, helping to tighten and sculpt your physique.

  • Relieve Stress: boxing is not only great for our physical health, but also our mental. It allows you to release any tension or negative energy into the bag, which can be a great way to overcome stress and anxiety.

To learn more about the benefits of boxing, click here.


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