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Bodyworx Multi Press Squat Rack Package
Gun rack squat rack
Adjustable weight bench with leg developer
Silver Chrome 7ft Olympic Barbell
Silver Spring Collar
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Squat Set

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Beginner Friendly ✓  Adaptable ✓  Includes Storage ✓  Compact ✓ 

Squats, the exercise we all love to hate. But trust us, after using this epic lifting package, you'll want to start squatting everyday!

Made for beginner to intermediately trained lifters (especially those who love a lower body session), this home gym bundle can be used to develop strength, tone up and build muscle.

The Olympic barbell and tri-grip plate set has a combined weight of 95kg! This will allow you to start out at a weight that's comfortable for you, with enough extra kgs to continue adding progressive overload once you've reached new gains!

The Bodyworx Multi Press Squat Rack utilises an easy and convenient gun racking system to meet the demands of all exercises. Just pop your barbell at the right height for you and you're ready to get to work!

We've included the Bodyworx FID C430BU bench for the days your legs feel like jelly! Offering flat, incline and decline positioning, this bench is unreal for targeting your upper body, allowing for a fully-rounded exercise routine. 

Another major, unique benefit to this weight bench is that it has the option to accept a preacher pad and/or leg developer attachment. By utilising these optional extras, you can add more variety to your work outs, keeping things fresh and exciting.

  • Develop Strength: with over 90kg of weight to work with, you'll be able to build strength and size, whilst tightening and toning your physique. 

  • Boost Fat Loss: strength training is an excellent method for shedding excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased, we continue to burn a excess calories. 

  • Convenient Storage: the squat rack includes 4 weight plate storage pegs to help keep your gym space clean and organised. 

  • Adaptable: everything in this package can be easily adapted to suit your needs. For instance, both the bench and squat rack can be adjusted to meet all height and exercise demands. The squat rack can also be moved away from the bench to accommodate for a wider range of movements. And, the tri-grip handles on the weight plates can be used to perform isolated exercises such as bicep curls, upright rows, walking lunges and oblique side bends. 



    leg developer / preacher pad, attachments C430AS 

    Flooring - 4 x 4 sqm - $169