Step Through Olympic Hex / Trap Bar

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Step Through Olympic Hex / Trap Bar


Step Through Olympic Hex/Trap Bar, with two handles giving the options of pulling from different heights. Ideal for hip development when deadlifting, and taking strain off the back.

The Step Thru Olympic Hex / Trap Bar is a specialty Olympic weightlifting bar designed for strength training, strongman lifts, and loaded carries. Traditional Olympic hex bars, also known as “trap bars”, use a box-frame construction where the lifter steps inside the middle of the bar and between the weight load to then perform deadlift and trap shrug exercises safely and without friction or pressure from a bar against the shins and thighs.

The Step Through Olympic Hex / Trap Bar stands as an evolution from the traditional hex bar, with one small yet very important change to make it even more functional and far more versatile. The Multi Functional Bar features an open, step through design on one side, allowing the lifter to not only enter and exit the bar with more ease, but also allow greater range of motion for open movement and a wider variety of exercises for functional strength training.

The unique design of the Step Through Olympic Hex / Trap Bar will maximize the number of things you can do with one bar. Perform deadlifts, trap shrugs, lunges, overhead presses, stationary box lunges, single leg squats, plyo step ups, yolk carries, Zercher carries, Zercher squats, Zercher deadlifts, Farmers Walk carries (both single handed and two-handed), and more “outside the box” exercises. And, just as important as functionality, the Step Through Olympic Hex / Trap Bar gives you the option to keep your training interesting and fun so you can keep moving forward in strength gains.


Product Features

  • 500lbs Maximum Weight Limit
  • Knurled
  • 50mm Steel Sleeves for Olympic Plates
  • Approx Weight of Bar = 18.5kg
  • 225cm total length
  • Fits on standard Olympic racks similar to a straight 7ft Olympic bar
  • (3.2mm thick) round steel frame construction
  • Matte black powder coated frame finish
  • (28mm) diameter handles
  • Weight plates sold separately

  • Training Tip:
  • Use the Multi Functional Trap Bar to perform Zercher lifts for building the traps, strengthening the abs, increasing glute and quad activation, improving the front squat, and even working the biceps. “Zercher” refers to the location of the barbell during lifts and loaded carries. Hold the bar in the crook of your elbows and then squat, deadlift, or carry the load.

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