Bodyworx Manual Cardio Package
Manual upright exercise bike
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Super Saver Cardio Package

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Keep things simple with this budget-friendly cardio package. Ideal for first time buyers or cardio rookies, the Bodyworx ABX250M & KR280M are two great entry-level cardio machines that'll help you burn fat, tone up and boost your aerobic capacity.

Utilising manual resistance, you'll be in complete control of your workouts. Simply select your desired level of tension and you're free to enjoy an intense sweat session or a nice, easy row or ride.

Both the upright bike and mag rower offer 8 levels of resistance, allowing you to listen to the demands of your body and exercise in accordance with how you're feeling that day. 

They both feature large foot pedals, and the bike offers various seat adjustments to suit users of all ages and fitness levels.

  • Increased Cardiovascular Health: cardio training is the most effective way to increase our heart health. By regularly accelerating our heart rate through exercise we learn to pump oxygenated blood more efficiently throughout the body, which over time, strengthens our heart and increases our aerobic capacity.

  • Enhance Weight Loss: cardio is an easy and effective training method to burn excess calories. Pair this with a well-balanced diet and you'll lose those unwanted kilos in no time!

  • Full Body Workout: switching up your training between the bike and rower is an easy and effective way your entire body is getting a workout.

  • Compact Gym: both the rowing machine and exercise bike are fairly small in size, making them a great choice if your short on space. The rowing machine can also be folded in half for easy and convenient storage.