Supreme cage set
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body iron power cage system MC350
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)
Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)

Supreme Cage Set (Pre Order ETA October 25th-30th)

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Suitable for Beginners ✓   Easy to Assemble ✓  Budget-Friendly ✓ Versatile 

    If you're looking for a versatile home gym that offers an infinite number of exercise possibilities, then choosing the Supreme Cage Set is a no brainer!

    Including the fan-favourite Body Iron Power Cage System MC350, this half rack alone ensures that no two workouts ever have to look the same! Featuring dip bars, leg anchor, pull bar bar, and high and low pulleys, this cage can do it all! 

    Pair it with the Next Fitness FID bench, and hitting all the major muscle groups has never been easier. This weight bench can easily glide into the open lifting space for the MC350 to perform various exercises, such as bench and military presses.

    Once you chuck the 80kg Olympic barbell and bumper plate set into the mix and you're new home gym has just hit its peak! Execute all your major barbell movements, from squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses to unlock your full potential. 

    • VERSATILITY: the MC350 offers an abundance of features that allow you to hit all the major muscle groups. 

    • DEVELOP STRENGTH: with 80kg of weight to work with, you'll be able to build strength and size, whilst tightening and toning your physique. 

    • CONVENIENT STORAGE: the MC350 includes kettlebell & dumbbell storage shelves, as well as weight plate storage slots for an easy and convenient way to keep your gym space clean, neat & tidy. 



    Product Weight: 90kg.

    Maximum Weight Capacities: 
    Maximum user weight to use pull-up frame: 136kg.

    Maximum weight on side pulley weight Post: 70kg.

    Maximum weight on weight plate rack: 200kg.

    Maximum weight on each dumbbell-kettlebell tray: 120kg.

    Maximum weight on bar catch: 160kg. 



    Assembled Dimensions: 145cm (L) X 160cm (W) X 215cm (H) approx.

    **Please note: you will need a 7ft Olympic Barbell to fit this Rack**

    Inside Width: 112cm approx.

    Outside Width: 160cm approx.

    Inside Depth: 110cm approx.

    Outside Depth: 145cm approx.

    Maximum Pull Up Bar Height: 210cm approx.



    Material: 2mm steel.

    Finish: powder coated finish.

    Tube Size: 50mm X 75mm.

    Hardware Size: 10mm.

    Hole Spacing: 16cm

    Number of Holes: 9.



    Dip Bars: great for working your triceps which are normally an extremely hard muscle group to target.

    Leg Anchor: made from high-quality foam, this attachment is designed specifically to target the abdominal muscles, so that you can get working on those abs.

    Pull Up Bar: this multi-grip bar is suitable for performing any chip up or pull up variant, which are great for strengthening the upper body.

    High\Low pulley: the high and low pulleys are made for intense upper and lower body exercises. They can also be utilised in your core training, making them a great tool to achieve a fully body workout.

    Attachments: 1 x Short Lat bar and 1 x Cable Handle.



    Maximum Weight Capacity: 280Kg.

    Assembled Dimensions: 132cm (L) x 47cm (W) x 131cm (H).




    Product Weight: 20kg.

    Rated Strength: 185 000 psi.

    Rated Capacity: 566kg (1250LBS).



      Length: 220cm.

      Knurl: Standard with knurl at ends, no knurl in centre.

      Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.

      Sleeve Finish: Chrome.

      Sleeve Rotation: 2 bearings.

      Shaft Diameter: 27mm.

      Shaft Finish: Hardened chrome.