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Bodycraft Functional Trainer LHFTG Power Lifting Package
Bodycraft Functional Trainer
Black power rack with chin up bar
Black Body Iron bumper plate set with 7ft Olympic Barbell
Black adjustable exercise bench with leg developer
black rubber gym flooring
Black barbell snap lock collars
exercise booklet for bodycraft functional trainer LHFTG
Supreme Strength Set
Supreme Strength Set
Supreme Strength Set
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Supreme Strength Set

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Advanced Lifting ✓  Big Weight Capacities ✓  Exercise Variety ✓  High Quality ✓  

Every power lifter and personal trainers fantasy fitness space just came to life with this gym package. Jam packed with some elite strength training equipment, this is not your average gym.

Whether you're just starting to dip your toes into power lifting, or if your a well trained athlete, the Bodycraft LF430 will be able to handle whatever you throw its way.

Capable of holding massive 544kg, this steel beast was made to withstand heavy and consistent lifting sessions. It features a wide-walk in design to easily facilitate your three power lifting moves - bench press, deadlift, and squats - as well as built-in chip up bar to help you work on your back, core and shoulder strength.

Partnered with the Bodycraft LHFTG functional trainer and you've got all you need to develop strength, increase muscle mass and level up your training. Designed to facilitate strength and sports specific movements, the LHFTG is unreal for honing in on a specific muscle group to ensure you're hitting it from all the right angles.

The Bodycraft CF602G exercise bench offers seven seat positioning, giving you the flexibility to adjust this bench into any training scenario. Working the body at various angles is extremely effective for making sure we are targeting each and every muscle, to help us achieve a symmetrical and sculpted physique. 

  • Develop Strength: bench press, dead lifts and squats are all compound movements. This means that with every repetition you perform, you engage multiple muscles simultaneously. This is one of the most effective ways to develop total body strength.

  • Exercise Versatility: aside from all your compound moves, this gym package includes an abundance for features and attachments that are awesome for performing isolated exercises. These movements not only help advance your weight training but they also reduce boredom and keep your training fresh and progressive

  • Stay Motivated: power lifting is all about striving for a new one rep max. By giving you a constant goal to work towards this will help you stay motivated and consistent with your training.

  • Training Progression: power lifting can help you overcome a training plateau as its all about low repetitions with heavy weights. This method of training is a great way to advance your max weight, as its generally much easier to lift a heavy load for 1-6 reps than it is for 8-12. 

  • Functional Training:  a type of exercise that helps us perform everyday movements with more efficiency, including; push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, and rotation. This package has been designed specifically to assist with this type of training by including a variety of free weights and machine equipment.