VIP 3 In 1 Soft Foam Plyo Boxes Commercial


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VIP 3 In 1 Soft Foam Plyo Boxes Commercial

The VIP Soft Foam Plyo Boxes is a tremendous tool for training the glutes. It not only helps in muscle building but is also a great cardio exercise to lose weight. It's a basic move in that it's simply a squat jump up onto the box and a squat jump down-but delivers results quickly.

The Plyometric Box derives its name from "Plyometrics" which refers to an exercise in which muscles exert maximum force with a short periof of time. It has gained increasing popularity in CrossFit gyms for developing explosive leg power and strength and dynamic balance.

First time users may be hesitant to perfrorm jumps on Steel or Wooden Plyometirc Box due to the fear of injuring themselves while doing the movement. If an athlete does not commit to the jump out of fear, the chances of getting hurt further increase.

The Soft Plyo Box solves this problem. They are firm enough to perform plyometric movements, but soft enough to prevent any injury. The size of 50cm x 60cm x 75cm enables you to rotate the box to different heigths for your jumps.

Product features:

  • Made of Foam - sturdy but soft.
  • Ultra Dense Foam Core / Softer Foam on all 6 Sides.
  • Soft landing surface prevents injury for first time users.
  • Durable Vinyl Cover resists wear and tear and remains firm even after heavy use.
  • The size of 50cm x 60cm x 75cm offers sufficient height for intense jumps and a wide landing surface.
  • Durable Vinyl Cover resists wear and tear and remains firm even after heavy use.
  • Can be rotated to 3 different heights to increase the intensity of the jumps.
  •  VIP Plyometric Boxs are Australian Made & designed.  
  • All mats use Vinyl that is UV protected & anti-cracking. 
  • Features 3 different jump heights all within the one Foam Plyobox.  
  • Eliminates scraping injuries when jumping on or off the Foam, as can occur when using the traditional Steel & Timber Plyoboxes.  
  • 29-400 high density Australian made shock absorbing Foam.  
  • All stitching is double stitched.  
  • A 30mm gauge Cotton thread is used.  
  • 50mm Seatbelt webbing is box stitched & re-enforced into place for strength.  
  • Grab handles for easy transport


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