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Weight Lifters Essentials Package
Weight Lifters Essentials Pack
Black adjustable weight bench
black dip attachment for squat rack
Black barbell snap lock collars
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Weight Lifters Essentials Pack

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Suitable for Advanced Lifters ✓  Huge Weight Capacities ✓  Commercial Grade ✓  Includes Storage ✓ 

Our Weight Lifters Essentials Package is the ideal choice for all our weight-training lovers looking to build a home gym. Suitable for all strength and fitness levels, this package was made to level up your strength training! 

Offering a massive 130kg of weight (including the barbell), fully adjustable bench and  commercial rack, you'll have all the equipment needed to keep advancing your weights, whilst maintaining a strong focus on building strength and increasing muscle mass.

The commercial rack has been designed specifically to assist with your major barbell movements, such as squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, bench press and over head press. It also includes 8 storage pegs, providing an easy and convenient way to keep your gym clean and organised.

The various incline levels of the weight bench, paired with the dip attachment ensure that even those harder to hit muscles, like your triceps, can be adequately trained with this package. This not only helps you achieve a well-rounded exercise routine, but it assists with muscle sculpting and symmetry.

For anyone looking to purchase additional weight plates, the Body Iron bronze barbell can hold up to a humongous 500kg. Well exceeding the capabilities of human strength, you'll be able to continue levelling up your training for years to come!

  • Build Strength & Muscle Mass: weight lifting is the most effective training technique to develop strength, build muscle mass and completely reshape your physique. 

  • Promote Fat Loss: strength training is an excellent method for shedding excess body fat. This is because even after exercise has ceased, we continue to burn calories.

  • Commercial-Grade Equipment: this package includes some of our absolute best products, guaranteed to last years in your home gym!

  • Exercise Versatility: this carefully constructed weight lifters package includes everything you need to target all the major muscle groups.