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Weightlifters PR-60 Package
Floor space in power rack
black FID bench ladder catch system
optional dip attachments secured to power rack
Black barbell snap lock collars
Weightlifters PR-60 Package
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Weightlifters PR-60 Package

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Beginner Friendly ✓   Exercise Variety ✓  Easy to Assemble ✓  

If you're in the earlier stages of your weight training journey and are looking to give your home gym the upgrade it deserves, then this strength package is for you! 

Bringing it back to the basics, our PR-60 bundle incorporates all the necessities to advance your weight training, with the primary goal to develop strength and enhance muscle growth.

The biggest players in this package include the PR-60 power rack, fully adjustable exercise bench and 130kg's worth of weight (including the barbell). Perfectly aligned, you'll easily be able to move your equipment around to accommodate your training sessions. The wide inside space of the power rack enables you to slide the FID bench in and out with complete ease, whilst the adjustable safety arms allow you to simply switch up the position of the barbell to meet the demands of various exercises.  

To add more variety to your upper body days we've included the optional dip attachments, which are excellent for targeting your triceps, abs and shoulders. 

  • Promote Strength Development: weight lifting is one of the most effective ways to develop strength, increase your muscle mass and tone-up your physique. 

  • Exercise Versatility: offering various incline levels with the exercise bench, as well as dip attachment and chip-up bar for the power rack, you can engage in a diverse range of exercises to keep your training sessions fresh and interesting.

  • Aid Weight Loss: strength-based training is an excellent way to lose weight. This is because even after exercise has ceased we continue to burn excess calories.


 2 X Spotter Arms.

Built-in Chin Up Bar. 


Lat pull down bar / low row bar - $229