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Body Iron Lat pull down / Low Row machines T100

The Lat pull down / Low Row machines is especially suited to exercising the Lat muscle but it is easy to exercise a good range of different muscle groups using a pull down bar and weights. It would make a very good addition to any home gym.

The pull down machine also includes a low row bar so you can vary your exercises throughout your time on the machine.

Knee support height is completely adjustable accommodating any size person in any comfortable position. A steel foot plate is also included, which provides stability and support when using the low pulley.


Product Features:

    • Lat Pull down bar included
    • Low row bar included
    • Suitable for Standard Plates
    • Plate loading pins accept either Standard plates or Olympic
    • Upgrade to Olympic adapters so can take Olympic weight plates $29.99
    • Adjustable knee support height
    • Steel deck foot plate for low pulley use
    • No cable change over system
    • Rating weight capacity 120KG
    • Designed for Home Use
    • Approximate Set Up Dimensions 168cm(L) x 81cm (W) x 205cm (H)
    • 12 months warranty

    First time use and Maintenance is required for all moving parts. We recommend WD-40's lubricant. To be used on wheel pulleys, ball bearings and cables.

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