Boxing Gloves & Mitts


    Boxing Gloves & Mitts

    Boxing gloves are more than just pieces of gear; they're your trusted companions in the ring or during a vigorous training session. At World Fitness Australia, we understand the significance of having the right boxing gloves to enhance your performance, protect your hands, and make every punch count.

    Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves

    Selecting the perfect pair of boxing gloves can be a game-changer for your training. Whether you're a professional fighter or enjoy the occasional boxing workout, finding the right glove is essential. With multiple quality brands to choose from, including Everlast, Reebok and VIP, you can select a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps and mitts that are perfect for you. Whether you need gloves for bag work, sparring, or mitt work, we have you covered with our range of training gloves, fighting gloves, bag gloves and more.

    How to Choose the Right Size for Your Boxing Gloves and Mitts

    Getting the right size is crucial for comfort and safety. The correct fit ensures that your hands are completely protected while allowing proper technique. Our boxing glove sizing guide will assist you in determining the appropriate size based on your sport, skill level, and training objectives. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced boxer, we provide tips to ensure your gloves fit snugly and comfortably.

    Need some help choosing the right gloves or size for your boxing needs? Click here for our boxing glove Buyer's Bible!

    Equip Yourself for Success in the Ring with World Fitness Australia 

    Ready to elevate your boxing game? Explore our extensive range of boxing gloves, hand wraps, and mitts online or visit our showroom in Melbourne, the largest in the region. Our expert team is always available to provide advice and answer your questions. Plus, enjoy our swift 48-hour dispatch service, ensuring you receive your boxing equipment promptly. At World Fitness Australia, we're committed to supporting your training needs and helping you achieve your boxing goals. We have everything you need from boxing bags and hanging boxing bags to gym straps and belts and more for your next training session.


    Boxing Gloves & Mitts FAQs

    Boxing gloves are essential for several reasons:

    1. They provide crucial protection for your hands and wrists, reducing the risk of injuries like sprains, fractures, and knuckle abrasions during training or competitions.
    2. Gloves are mandatory in most boxing gyms and competitions to ensure fair play and reduce the chances of causing harm to opponents.
    3. The right gloves can improve your training experience by enhancing your punching technique, speed, and overall performance.

    Boxing gloves come in various types, including sparring, bag, training, and competition gloves. Sparring gloves are designed for practice bouts and have more padding to protect you and your training partner. Bag gloves, often called training gloves, are suitable for heavy bag workouts and pad training, featuring lighter padding for speed and precision. Competition gloves adhere to strict regulations for official matches. Each type serves a specific purpose, so choosing the right one depends on your training needs.

    Selecting the correct glove size is crucial for comfort and safety. The size is typically measured in ounces (oz) and corresponds to the weight of the glove. For bag work and pad training, lighter gloves (10 oz to 12 oz) are suitable, offering speed and precision. Sparring gloves are heavier (14 to 16 oz) to provide added protection. To find your ideal size, consider your weight and consult our sizing charts in our boxing buyers guide.

    Genuine leather boxing gloves offer several advantages. They are more durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding intense training sessions and heavy use. Leather gloves also provide superior sweat absorption, keeping your hands more comfortable during workouts. Additionally, they offer a better fit over time as they conform to the shape of your hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure feel during training.

    Among the most popular boxing gloves in Australia are training gloves. These versatile gloves are widely used for various training purposes, including bag work, pad training, and sparring. They provide the right balance of padding, protection, and speed for an effective and comfortable training experience.

    While it's possible to use the same gloves for both sparring and bag work, it's not recommended. Sparring gloves have additional padding to protect you and your training partner, making them safer for practice bouts. Bag gloves, on the other hand, have lighter padding and are better suited for heavy bag workouts and mitt training, providing speed and precision.

    The lifespan of boxing gloves depends on factors such as the frequency of use and the intensity of training. On average, with regular use, you might consider replacing your gloves every 1 to 2 years or when they show signs of wear, such as split seams, worn padding, or diminished wrist support. Proper maintenance, such as cleaning and deodorising, can extend their usability

    Maintaining your boxing gloves is essential for hygiene and longevity. After each use, wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth to remove sweat and moisture. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme heat, which can damage the materials. To prevent odours, you can use glove deodorisers and air them out. Make sure to never machine wash boxing gloves and consult the manufacturer's care instructions for specific guidance on cleaning and maintaining your gloves.

    Safety is paramount when using boxing gloves. Ensure that your gloves fit properly and securely to provide adequate hand and wrist support, and always follow safety rules and guidelines set by your gym or competition organisers. Regularly inspecting your gloves for any signs of wear or damage will maintain their protective qualities. Proper hand wrapping or taping can also add an extra layer of protection.

    While it's possible to use boxing gloves for other combat sports like MMA or Muay Thai, it's generally recommended to use sport-specific gloves. These gloves are designed to accommodate different techniques, including grappling and clinching and offer better overall performance and safety for those disciplines.

    Yes, there are boxing gloves specifically designed for children and young beginners. These gloves feature lighter padding and smaller dimensions to suit young athletes and provide adequate protection for their hands during training or sparring.

    Properly fitted boxing gloves should feel snug but not overly tight or loose. Your fingers should reach the glove tips without excessive pressure. To ensure a proper fit, consider using hand wraps or tape for added comfort and support. If your gloves are too tight, try removing any extra hand wraps, and if they are too loose, consider using thicker wraps or adjusting the wrist strap.

    Yes, boxing gloves are crucial for preventing hand injuries during training and fights. They offer essential hand and wrist support, reducing the risk of sprains, fractures, and other hand-related injuries during high-impact activities.

    The weight and padding of boxing gloves impact their purpose and use. Heavier gloves (16 oz or more) provide more padding and are suitable for sparring to ensure safety for both you and your training partner. Lighter gloves (10 to 12 oz) are ideal for bag work and pad training, offering speed and precision for faster punches.

    For pad and mitt training, it's recommended to use lighter gloves, typically 10 oz to 12 oz. These gloves offer the speed and precision required for accurate strikes and combinations.

    For bag training, heavier gloves are preferable, usually in the 14 oz to 16 oz range. These gloves provide more padding and protection for your hands during high-impact workouts, ensuring your safety while delivering powerful punches.

    Yes, professional boxing follows strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to the use of gloves. These regulations specify the weight, size, and padding requirements to ensure fairness and safety in official matches. Gloves used in professional boxing must adhere to these regulations to be approved for use.

    While our collection at World Fitness doesn’t offer this service, many boxing glove manufacturers offer custom options, allowing you to personalise your gloves with colours, logos, or text. Customisation adds a unique touch to your gear, making your gloves stand out.

    Most gloves within our range at World Fitness Australia come with a 3-month warranty, but it's important to check the details of each item before purchasing.