Plate Loaded Machines


    Plate Loaded Machines

    If you are looking to take your workouts to the next level and reuse existing equipment you already have, plate loaded weight machines are the perfect solution.

    Not to be confused with pin loaded machines, plate loaded weight machines utilise both Olympic weight plates and standard weight plates for their operation. Plate loaded weight machines can be used to create a versatile workout. Although they will often have weight limits, you can effectively tailor the equipment to suit your progression from lighter to heavier weights as you get stronger over time. One of the key benefits of plate-loaded weight machines is that they make use of weight plates, which you may have already purchased to use with other equipment like barbells.

    Our range of machines has options for upper or lower body workouts. If you’re looking to train your upper body with a plate loaded weight machine, we have models to target biceps, triceps, delts and lats so you can find the right machine that lets you target multiple muscle groups.

    If you want to train your lower body, we have plate loaded weight machines to target just about any leg muscle you have! From calf raise machines to leg presses and front squat machines, you can change your feet positions to target different muscles for a comprehensive workout.

    Find new uses for your existing equipment and invest in a multi-functional piece of equipment with our range of plate loaded machines. Shop them online now from World Fitness Australia.