Exercise Bikes


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    There are four main types of exercise bikes. Upright bikes are the most common variety, with a design that resembles a traditional outdoor bicycle, ideal for moderate-intensity workouts. Recumbent bikes provide a reclined position with back support, offering greater comfort or a gentler option for those with back issues. Spin bikes are designed for high-intensity training and mimic the feel of a road bike. Finally, air bikes feature moving arms and utilise fan-based resistance that increases as you pedal harder.

    Exercise bikes offer several key benefits. They're an excellent tool for improving cardiovascular health and building endurance. The low-impact nature of cycling makes them gentle on your joints, beneficial for those with injuries or mobility limitations. Exercise bikes are also fantastic for burning calories, supporting weight loss goals. Plus, the convenience of working out at home allows you to fit in exercise whenever suits your schedule.

    For optimal results, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on your exercise bike most days of the week. You can break this down into shorter, more manageable sessions if needed. As always, listen to your body and adjust frequency and intensity based on how you're feeling.

    Exercise bikes are a great beginner-friendly workout option. They're easy to use and allow you to fully control the pace and intensity of your workout. This means you can gradually build your fitness level while getting comfortable with the exercise.