Most commonly used for functional training and rehabilitation, medicine balls are the perfect training partner. Their versatility makes them a must-have for any personal or commercial equipment collection, given the wide range of functions they can serve in any workout regime.

If you are looking at strength training, medicine balls are a perfect choice. Easy to hold, this equipment piece can assist you in training just about any muscle group and are especially popular for abs and upper body training. Don’t let their simplicity fool you - medicine balls can have you working up a sweat in no time (when used correctly!).

Created to be comparable to a basketball but heavier, they are designed to bounce off surfaces making them great to be used individually or with a partner. Train solo or add them into a circuit you can do with a friend. If you are looking for inspiration, consider swapping out a dumbbell or kettlebell you would typically use and adding in a medicine ball. Or better yet, say goodbye to waiting around for those equipment pieces to free up and go straight to training with a medicine ball instead.

Although perfect for strength training, medicine balls are also often used for rehabilitation from injuries as they not only help build strength but can assist with improving general fitness and coordination too.

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