Medicine Balls


    Medicine balls are the perfect training partner and are most commonly used for functional training and rehabilitation. Their versatility makes them a must-have for any personal or commercial equipment collection, given their wide range of functions in any workout regime.

    Benefits of Medicine Balls

    Medicine balls are a perfect choice if you are looking at strength training. Easy to hold, this equipment piece can assist you in training just about any muscle group and are especially popular for abs and upper body training. Don’t let their simplicity fool you - medicine balls can have you working up a sweat in no time (when used correctly!).

    Characteristics of Medicine Balls

    Created to be comparable to a basketball but heavier, they are designed to bounce off surfaces making them great to be used individually or with a partner. Train solo or add them into a circuit you can do with a friend. If you are looking for inspiration, consider swapping out a dumbbell or kettlebell you would typically use and adding in a medicine ball. Or better yet, say goodbye to waiting around for those equipment pieces to free up and go straight to training with a medicine ball instead.

    Although perfect for strength training, medicine balls are also often used for rehabilitation from injuries as they not only help build strength but can assist with improving general fitness and coordination too.

    Our range features a diverse mix of medicine balls, weighing from 1kg all the way up to 10kg so no matter what weight you may need, we have you covered. Shop our range of medicine balls online at World Fitness Australia.

    Types of Medicine Balls

    World Fitness offers a variety of medicine balls to suit your exercise needs. Standard medicine balls, the classic weighted ball, are ideal for throws, slams, squats, and core exercises. Slam balls, designed for powerful throws and slams, are typically made of a durable rubber material that can withstand intense workouts. Wall balls feature a textured surface for better grip against walls, making them perfect for wall ball throws that target your entire body. Weighted medicine balls with handles offer additional grip options and allow for exercises that target specific muscle groups, such as chest presses, rows, and bicep curls.

    How to Use a Medicine Ball

    Medicine balls can be used for a vast array of exercises. Consult a certified personal trainer to create a program tailored to your fitness goals and experience level. They can instruct you on proper form and technique to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and avoid injury.


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    Choose a weight that challenges you without compromising proper form. Generally, beginners start with lighter weights (2-6 kg) while more advanced users can opt for heavier ones (6-10 kg or more).

    Yes, medicine balls are versatile tools that can be used for both strength and cardio exercises. They can be incorporated into various routines such as plyometrics, circuit training, and core workouts to enhance both strength and cardiovascular endurance.

    Yes, there is a wide range of exercises and routines that can be performed with medicine balls, including squats, lunges, overhead throws, Russian twists, slams, and more. These exercises target different muscle groups and can be adapted to suit various fitness levels and goals.

    Yes, medicine balls are suitable for beginners as they offer a low-impact way to improve strength, coordination, and balance. Start with lighter weights and gradually increase intensity as you progress.

    Yes, medicine balls can be used for rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises. They provide a controlled resistance that can help strengthen muscles, improve range of motion, and aid in injury prevention and recovery.

    Always ensure you have proper form when using medicine balls to prevent injury. Start with lighter weights to master the movements before progressing to heavier ones. Avoid using worn-out or damaged medicine balls, and be cautious when performing explosive movements to prevent overexertion.

    Yes, medicine balls are perfect for both home and gym workouts due to their compact size and versatility. They can be used in a variety of spaces and require minimal equipment. Consider investing in a few different weights to accommodate your training needs.