Weight plates are one of the most important pieces of functional weight training equipment to have in your gym. Available in a variety of shapes and finishes, weight plates often form the basis of any free-weight training program for both beginners and elite athletes.

There are two main types of weight plates available, standard plates or Olympic plates which are differentiated by the diameter of the hole in the centre of the plates. Standard weight plates have a diameter of 29mm, while Olympic weight plates (and bumper plates) have a diameter of 51mm.

So, whether you’re searching for standard, Olympic or bumper weight plates in Australia, we have everything you need to push the limits during your workouts. All our weight plates are made from the highest quality materials, designed to be tough and durable.

If you’re looking to improve your home or commercial gym setup we also have a range of weight stands available. Not only will you have the weight plates you need, but an easy and convenient way to store them so you can change the layout of your workout space to suit your needs.

Find everything you need in our extensive range of weight plates, featuring standard weight plates perfect for bodywork all the way up to Olympic weight plates for serious lifters. No matter how you choose to work out and challenge yourself, we have the weights to help.

Need some help choosing the right plates for you? Click here to check out our Weight Plate Buyer's Bible or, if you have questions and want more information, feel free to contact us.

Weight Plates FAQs

What weight plate is heaviest?

At World Fitness, our heaviest weight plate is 25kgs. Our range of weight plates scale from 1.25kgs all the way to 25kgs.

What are weight plates made of?

Weight plates are generally made from solid cast iron, steel or from smooth natural rubber depending on the style of weight plates.

What weight plates are best for a home gym?

To decide which type of weight plate is best for your home gym, think of your training style and goals? Are you looking to do more functional training or heavy lifting?

If you are looking to lift some serious weight then Olympic plates will be your best option, while standard plates are best for those looking to do high rep workouts. For those looking to do functional training, it really depends on how much space you have in your home gym as either type of weight plate will work for you.

Also consider the material of the weight plates. Cast iron weight plates are not designed to be dropped however bumper plates are, making them safer for heavy lifting especially if you don’t have a safety spotter.

If you already have a barbell in your home gym collection, be aware of which style of weight plates fit, as you can’t mix and match standard and Olympic weight plates on the same bar.

Click here to check out our Weight Plate Buyer's Bible