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    The World Fitness rower range includes a variety of options that meets the needs of all budgets and fitness levels. We have everything from magnetic rowing machines to air rowers and take pride in stocking reputable brands such as Bodycraft, Bodyworx and Impetus.

    Not only are rowers a great piece of fitness equipment to achieve a complete, full-body workout, but they are perfect for smaller gym spaces as they generally take up a lot less room compared to most other cardio machines. Our range of rowing machines caters from more simplistic manual resistance settings all the way up to electronically controlled programs so you can be sure to find the right equipment for your needs.

    Rowing machines also offer an extensive range of health benefits, including; the ability to improve your aerobic fitness, reduced risk of injury, opportunity to build lower body strength, ability to burn excessive calories and improvements to your posture. The dual nature of its workout targets both cardiovascular health and muscle strengthening. Beyond the clear physical benefits, a rowing machine provides a low-impact alternative, minimising stress on joints, and making it accessible for all fitness levels and needs.

    Discover a Cardio Challenge With Rower Machines from World Fitness Australia

    When purchasing a rowing machine, it's crucial to consider factors such as resistance type, machine size, and monitor functionalities to ensure it aligns with your fitness goals and space constraints. With the right rowing machine, you're investing not just in equipment, but a complete approach to wellbeing. To find the perfect cardio machine for your fitness routine browse our range of rowers, stationary exercise bikes, treadmills and more online or step into Victoria's largest showroom at World Fitness to receive expert advice from our knowledgeable staff. To make finding the perfect rowing machine for your needs simple, make sure to read through our buyer's guide too. Prioritise your well-being with our high-quality machines at competitive prices, and with our swift 48-hour dispatch, you can enjoy a new cardio workout in your routine.

    We also sell rowing machine accessories such as our rower tablet holder, so you can catch up on your favourite TV show or watch instructional videos while you exercise.
    Need some help choosing your rower? Click here for our rowing machine buyer's bible.

    Rowing Machine FAQs

    Rowing machines use a range of muscles when using the rower correctly including your quads and glutes, deltoids, lats as well as your core muscles.

    Rowing machines can help you have a great full-body workout that can strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system. It is important to maintain good form while using your rower to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself.

    The choice between rowing machines and treadmills depends on your fitness objectives. Rowing machines provide a full-body workout, engaging multiple muscle groups, ideal for overall fitness and strength. Treadmills focus on lower body fitness, primarily targeting leg muscles and cardiovascular endurance. The best choice is entirely dependent on your specific fitness goals and preferences.

    Rowing machines are highly effective for weight loss. They facilitate efficient calorie burning and muscle engagement, making them an excellent choice to support weight management goals.

    The decision between an exercise bike and a rower depends on personal preferences and fitness goals. Rowers engage numerous muscle groups for a comprehensive full-body workout, ideal for overall fitness and strength. Exercise bikes offer low-impact, focused cardio exercise, ideal for those who want to prioritise cardiovascular health.

    A rowing machine is a full-body exercise that mimics rowing a boat. Using a rowing machine involves sitting on the seat, securing your feet in the footrests, and gripping the handlebar. Push with your legs, engage your core, and then pull the handlebar towards your chest while extending your legs. Reverse the motion, pushing the handlebar away and bending your knees.

    World Fitness Australia offers a diverse range of rowing machines, including air, programmable, and ski rowing machines. Each type has its unique features and advantages, catering to different preferences and fitness goals. Talk to our team at World Fitness to find the right rowing machine for you.

    Selecting the right rowing machine involves a few key considerations:

    Resistance Type: Decide between air, water, magnetic, or hydraulic resistance based on your preference for workout feel and adjustability.

    Space: Measure your available space to ensure your chosen rowing machine fits comfortably.

    Budget: Determine your budget range, as rowing machines come in a variety of price points.

    Features: Consider features like monitor capabilities, connectivity options, and additional accessories.

    For more help to find the best rowing machine for your needs and budget our team at World Fitness Australia can offer expert guidance to find the right fit for your fitness needs.

    Air rowing machines use a fan for resistance, water rowers simulate the feel of rowing on water, magnetic rowers offer adjustable resistance, and hydraulic rowing machines use cylinders to create resistance. The choice of which exact rowing machine depends on your personal preference and fitness goals.

    Rowing machines vary in size, but on average, they require a space of approximately 2x1 metres. For those that are short on available space, there are compact and folding options available.

    Rowing machines are exceptional for their encompassable health and fitness benefits. Regularly using a rowing machine can enhance cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and improve endurance while being a low-impact workout and an effective way to burn calories. Consistent rowing also promotes better posture and core strength.

    Yes, the majority of rowing machines feature adjustable resistance settings or intensity levels. You can tailor the resistance level to your fitness level and workout goals, whether you prefer a challenging session or a lighter warm-up.

    Rowing machines will always arrive with a detailed assembly manual. While many find the assembly straightforward, if you're not comfortable or unsure about any step, make sure to reach out to World Fitness's customer support for guidance.

    To keep your rowing machine in optimal condition you should regularly inspect and tighten bolts, lubricate any moving parts as specified in the user manual, and clean the seat, rail, and handlebar with a damp cloth. Refer to the maintenance section in your user manual for model-specific maintenance instructions.

    Rowing machines offer low-impact full-body workouts, making them suitable for pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions. However, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional before starting or modifying an exercise routine to make sure it's the right choice for your health.

    Within our range of rowing machines, some selected fitness tracking apps can sync to it so you can find an easily customised workout that tells you exactly how hard you’ve worked.

    To get the most out of your rowing machine routine you can try incorporating different rowing styles such as steady-state rows, interval training sessions, and powerful strokes to keep your workouts engaging and effective. You can also adjust the resistance settings to match your fitness level and monitor your progress either through the machine's built-in monitor or with compatible fitness apps. To enhance your workout even more you can add strength or core exercises during intervals between your rowing sessions.

    World Fitness Australia provides dedicated customer support to assist with any queries or troubleshooting related to your rowing machine. Contact our team for any help needed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable fitness experience.

    Routine maintenance of your rowing machine is recommended to ensure optimal performance safely enjoy your full body workout for as long as possible. Depending on usage, you should consider servicing your rowing machine annually or as advised in the user manual.