Spin Bikes



    Bring your favourite activity inside with our broad range of spin bikes.

    Offering the look, feel and intensity of a road bike, our spin bike collection will kick your cardio training into high gear.

    Bring your favourite outdoor activity inside with our versatile range of spin bikes. Whether you're an experienced cyclist or new to spinning, our collection provides the authentic feel and intensity of a road bike right in your home or gym. Stay in control of your cardio workouts with our top-quality spin bikes, designed to help you easily achieve your fitness goals. Explore our spin bike selection and discover the perfect fit for your spinning journey.

    Why Choose Spin Bikes for Your Training?

    Spin cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout that elevates your heart rate and enhances cardiovascular health, endurance, and overall fitness levels. It can help you burn substantial calories, helping with weight management or fat loss goals. 

    Training with a spin bike also acts as an excellent whole-body workout. Magnetic spin bikes engage various muscle groups, primarily the lower body, for muscle toning and strength. It offers great, low-impact exercise, reducing the risk of joint stress or injury, making it a great workout option for a range of age groups and fitness levels. 

    Training with a spinning exercise bike can also positively affect your mental health, boosting your mood, reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity. This choice, overall, promises a focus on complete well-being, including physical fitness and mental health, making it an ideal addition to your home gym setup.

    Push Your Cardio Limits with Spin Cycle Bikes from World Fitness Australia 

    Whether you're looking for a simplistic exercise bike model or something with all the latest features like our ProFrom spin bikes, it’s easy to find a spin bike in Australia to suit your wants and needs. Simpler models feature multi grip handle bars and quick stop mechanisms, while commercial grade bikes allow users to make full use of features such as a console display that provides feedback on live performance metrics, magnetic resistance and more.

    We also offer spin bike accessories such as a spin bike phone or tablet holder so you can watch your favourite shows while you workout, or our spin bike pedals so you can easily replace the ones on your bike if they wear out.

    Discover the perfect spin bike for sale to match your needs with World Fitness Australia. Whether you’re looking for something simple to expand your endurance or a low-impact way to keep fit with our recumbent bikes, you can find everything you need at our showroom.



    Spin Bikes FAQs


    At World Fitness, our favourite spin bikes are from Bodyworx and Marcy Club. These brands create high-quality magnetic spin bikes for both commercial and home use depending on the model.

    The primary difference between a Spin Bike and an Exercise Bike lies in their design and intended use. Spin cycle bikes are specially designed for high-intensity indoor cycling workouts, closely replicating the feel and experience of road cycling. They typically feature a heavier flywheel, a more adjustable design, and offer a more intensive workout. On the other hand, exercise bikes are versatile and cater to a broader range of fitness levels, offering a comfortable and less intense exercise experience.

    Selecting the right Spin Bike depends on your fitness goals, available space, and budget. A magnetic spin bike with adjustable resistance levels may be ideal if you're looking for an intense, gym-quality workout. A basic spinning exercise bike could suffice for those seeking a budget-friendly option. It's crucial to consider your specific requirements when buying a spin bike, whether for weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, or endurance training.

    Spinning Bikes, when used correctly, are generally not bad for your knees. They are known for their low-impact design, which minimises stress on the joints compared to activities like running. However, improper bike setup or improper form while cycling can potentially lead to knee discomfort or injury. It's essential to ensure that the spin bike is appropriately adjusted to your body and that your cycling technique is correct to prevent discomfort or strain on your knees.

    Spinning exercise bike seats are designed with comfort in mind, but some individuals may find them uncomfortable initially, especially if they are new to spinning. It's common to experience a brief adjustment period as your body adapts to the seat. However, discomfort can be alleviated by wearing padded cycling shorts, using a gel seat cover, or investing in a more cushioned saddle. The key is to find the right seat and adjust it to your liking to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

    Spin cycle bikes are generally straightforward to install, and most come with clear assembly instructions. However, the ease of installation can vary depending on the specific model and brand. Magnetic spin bikes often have a simpler setup than other exercise bike types. It's also important to have someone else with you during assembly to ensure all components are securely attached and out together safely. If you have any troubles, remember our team is here to help.

    High quality spin bikes for sale in Australia cost between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on the build and special features.

    Choosing the right spin bike for your fitness level and routine means looking into a few considerations. First, you should look at your budget, available space and desired features to get a basic idea of what spinning bike will best match your fitness goals. You can then look into other features like heart rate sensors and specifics like adjustable resistance levels and comfortable seating. Looking at the weight of the flywheel is also essential, as heavier flywheels often mean a smoother ride.

    Need some help choosing your bike? Click here for our exercise bike buyer' guide or visit our showroom to talk to our expert staff.