Searching for some high-quality flooring to prevent damage in your home or commercial gym space? Then you've come to the right place.

Our commercially graded rubber gym flooring is extremely resilient. All materials have been carefully sourced and tested to ensure they can handle frequent use with heavy weights.

Not only is flooring a great way to protect your surfaces and equipment, but it can add some extra style and flair to your fitness space, making your gym look and feel great.

Whether commercial or personal, choosing the right floor for your workout space is essential. A few factors that are important to consider when choosing gym flooring include the quality of recycled material, quality and thickness. 

All rubber flooring is made from recycled rubber, but recycled rubber is ‘graded’ and the higher the grade is, the better quality the rubber is. Our mats are all made from high quality, high graded recycled rubber to ensure the pebbles in the mat are fine and smooth. 

After this, the thickness of the mat needs to be considered. Generally, mats will come in 10, 12 or 15mm thickness, however 15mm thickness is the only thickness suitable for commercial settings and doesn’t hurt to have on hand for your personal gym either. A thicker mat can withstand more use and generally lasts longer, while thin mats can rip and will not protect your flooring the same way quality mats can. 

Our range of gym flooring features 1m x 1m gym mats and can be bought individually or in bulk, depending on your needs. Make sure you protect your flooring as needed thanks to our range at World Fitness Australia. Shop online now.