Free Standing Boxing Bags


    Free Standing Boxing Bags

    Work up a sweat and make your whole body burn with our range of free standing boxing bags. Boxing is the perfect way to burn calories, combining cardio with strength training that focuses on your upper body and your legs. Free standing boxing bags are the perfect way to work on a variety of combinations and new footwork given that you have complete mobility to move around the bag, as opposed to a suspended bag in the gym.

    Our free standing boxing bag range contains a variety of models depending on how you like to train. Our heavy bags are, as the name suggests, dense and strong with fillable bases to reduce movement while you train and padding to absorb blows. Ideally suited for those looking to develop the strength of their punches and cardio, heavy bags are the perfect way to take your training to the next level with sturdy equipment.

    If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment, our strike bags are a must-have. Built with individual locking springs to create different workout types, this piece of equipment can help you train your punches, reflexes and cardio. Whether you are looking to work on combinations and reflexes, agility and footwork or want to simulate a sparring session, our strike bags are the comprehensive solution you have been looking for.

    We also offer punch balls if you are looking for a more entry-level piece of equipment, or a boxing tree if you want to up the anti and practice your combinations. If you already have a boxing bag and are in need of a new boxing stand, we have you covered there too. Whether your needs are personal or commercial, our range of free standing boxing bags is sure to have you covered. Shop the range online at World Fitness Australia.