Olympic Bumper Plates


    Olympic Bumper Plates

    If you are looking to get into weight training or increase your current weight load, Olympic bumper plates are the perfect investment for your home or commercial gym. 

    With a variety of sets with weights ranging from 5kg bumper plates all the way up to 25kg bumper plates, finding the right plates for your level of fitness is easy. We sell our bumper plates in sets with options including a bumper plate and barbell set, or just individual plates by weight. 

    Bumper plates have countless benefits that extend past just helping you keep fit and build up your strength. At a glance, Olympic bumper plates are made of high-density rubber and tend to be used in sports like CrossFit where the barbell is dropped after heavy reps or sets. One of the main benefits of bumper plates is that when you drop them, the rubber minimises damage to the plates and your floor. Due to the material being so dense, they absorb the impact of the drop and bounce lightly back up, meaning the risk of injury or damage is reduced. 

    Olympic bumper plates can be used to do a variety of exercises, including squats, cleans, snatches, hip thrusts and more. Whether you are looking for an extra set of plates, or even a bumper plate and barbell set, our range at World Fitness Australia is sure to have the equipment you need. 

    Need some help choosing the right plates for you?