Pilates & Yoga Matting



    Regardless of your environment, having a yoga mat is essential to keep you comfortable while you train. Despite what the name suggests, yoga mats can be used for more than just yoga.

    The truth is a variety of exercises can be performed more comfortably on a matt, particularly if you are doing them at home or in a studio without padded flooring. Whether you are doing an ab circuit that requires you to lie down, a leg or glute workout or even an arm workout that requires push-ups and other floor-based exercises, yoga mats can soften the surface and ease the pressure on your joints.

    If you are doing martial arts training which typically involves sparring and kick combinations, yoga mats are great to have on hand to soften any falls you may have and reduce the likelihood of injury.

    Yoga mats are also perfect to have on hand for a warm up stretch before a workout or a cool down stretch afterwards. Having a softer surface to move on means you can focus on the task at hand without needing to shift around to find a comfortable position.

    If you do enjoy yoga and pilates, then having a matt is a must-have for your classes and practice so you can move with ease.

    Regardless of if you are practising yoga, pilates, stretching or need a new mat for your floor workouts, our range of yoga mats at World Fitness Australia can help you.