Boxing Stands & Bags


    Want to start boxing at home, but you’re low on space or don’t want to commit to installing a boxing bag in the ceiling? Don’t fret - that’s where our handy range of boxing stands and free standing boxing bags come in.

    Although they’re not as widespread as their hanging counterparts, free standing punching bags (or stand-up boxing bags) have become a popular home gym alternative in recent years thanks to their portability and easy installation. Rather than hanging down from the ceiling, free-standing boxing bags are positioned on the floor, with a sand, water, or foam-filled base to weigh them down.

    Alternatively, if you prefer boxing with a hanging bag but don’t want to permanently install one in your home and risk damaging or even pulling down your ceiling, our standing punching bag stands are the perfect option for you. Designed to be extremely stable and durable, boxing bag stands give your boxing bag somewhere to hang that isn’t the ceiling or walls, meaning you can keep your home safe and free from damage.

    When it comes to boxing bag stands, there are a range of options out there, including floor mount stands, freestanding tripod stands, and dual stands. The right stand for you will depend on the space you have available and your personal preference. Floor mount boxing stands are generally drilled in and secured to the ground. Freestanding tripod stands can be secured anywhere without having to be drilled into the floor, and dual stands give you the flexibility of incorporating multiple punch bag options.

    Here at World Fitness Australia, we have carefully selected a range of top-quality boxing bag stands and free standing boxing bags, along with essential gear like Everlast boxing gloves, wraps, and more. Browse the range and shop online today!




    • Effortless Setup: Skip the hassle of drilling or complex installations; simply fill the base and start punching!
    • Compact and Versatile: Ideal for small spaces or for those who like the flexibility to change their workout setup.
    • Rent-Friendly: A perfect solution for renters or anyone hesitant to modify their ceilings.
    • Think about your size and strength: Taller and more powerful athletes might prefer a bigger, heavier bag. New to boxing? Start with something smaller and lighter.
    • Training focus: Opt for a bag with a heavier base for enhanced stability during intense kicks and punches.

    Free-standing bags are excellent for honing your boxing and kickboxing techniques, offering a versatile platform for full-body training.

    Most free-standing bags come with straightforward instructions for quick assembly. Disassembling them for storage is equally simple.

    • Regular Base Checks: Keep the base filled with sand, water, or another material to prevent tipping.
    • Cleanliness: Wipe your bag with a mild disinfectant or soap after workouts to maintain its condition.
    • Wear and Tear Inspection: Look for damage signs like cracks or tears regularly, especially with frequent use, to catch issues early.
    • Storage: Store the bag in a cool, dry spot, away from sunlight or extreme temperatures.
    • Secure Adjustments: Ensure all parts, particularly those with adjustable heights, are tight to prevent instability.


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