Dumbbell Sets



    Never worry about having the right dumbbell weight again by investing in your very own dumbbell set. Our range of dumbbell sets is perfect for anyone looking to build out their equipment, given the versatility dumbbells offer for training.

    Dumbbells can be used to strengthen and tone a wide range of muscle groups. Work your upper body by using the sets to strengthen your biceps, triceps and more. Or use a lower dumbbell weight in your ab circuit to increase tension and resistance in your crunches, twists and more. You can also use a dumbbell as a replacement for a kettlebell or medicine ball for squats or lunges to train your legs and glutes too.

    Having a range of dumbbell weights to choose from by investing in a dumbbell set is the best way to ensure you have the equipment for whichever type of training you want to do that day.

    A dumbbell set has a variety of weights to choose from and our range will ensure you get the right set for your needs. Choose from a set that has dumbbells starting at 2.5kg, 12.5kg, 37.5kg or 40kg. The maximum dumbbell weight available in our sets is 60kg.

    Our dumbbell sets are split into different increments to suit any fitness level, with increases from 2.5kgs up to 5kgs between sets. You can also add an additional dumbbell rack to your set purchase for a convenient storage solution.

    Dumbbells are the perfect piece of training equipment whether you are looking to stock up at home or your commercial gym. Browse our range of dumbbell sets online now at World Fitness Australia.