Hex Dumbbells


    Hex Dumbbells

    Upgrade or expand your gym set up with our range of hex dumbbells online at World Fitness Australia. With a variety of weights available from 5kg all the way up to 47.5kg. No matter your fitness level or weight required, hex dumbbells are an excellent piece of equipment to have on hand. 
      One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have on hand for workouts, hex dumbbells are perfect for a variety of workouts. They can be used for shoulders, chest, arms and even abdominal muscles. 
        The hex dumbbell is a popular choice as the hexagonal shape means the dumbbell will not roll away if the floor is uneven, which is beneficial when completing workouts that require you to put them down between reps. 
          We know that metal dumbbells are not always ideal depending on your circumstances, which is why we also sell round rubber dumbbells so you can have a softer material that is safer to drop on your floor and will not have paint chip off during lifetime usage. 
            Given that they are held in your hands, dumbbells allow for a greater range of motion in exercises, making it easier to activate muscles and build muscle mass. Their versatility also means you can do a range of motion for arms and chest workouts like curls and presses, or as a weight for crunches or oblique twists to activate your abs, as well as a weight for glute bridges. No matter what weight you are looking for, our range of hex dumbbells at World Fitness Australia is sure to cater to your needs. Shop them online now.

              What separates Body Iron dumbbells from their competitors?

              When you purchase a set of Body Iron hex dumbbells you know you’re getting what you pay for. Guaranteed to have a +/- 1-2% weight tolerance, the identified weight is much more accurate compared to competitors. Made from high quality materials, and with an almost perfect weight calibration, you can shop with confidence when it comes to Body Iron, knowing that you’re paying for real commercial-grade equipment.

              Body Iron hex dumbbells are also built with typically longer handles, allowing for a more comfortable and sturdy grip. The extra 2cm in length on Body Iron dumbbells ensure your hands can wrap firmly around the handle with enough room so they don’t rub on the rubber weights. 

               The width of the handles is another key differentiator. Unlike most competitors, all 1KG - 5KG Body Iron dumbbell handles have a standard 28mm width, which is just the right size for a nice, tight squeeze. Dumbbells weighted 6KG - 50KG have a 34mm handle width compared to competitors 40mm, which is too big to comfortably grip your dumbbell.