Cross Trainers & Elliptical Trainers

Step on a cross trainer or elliptical machine for a low impact, full-body cardio workout.

Elliptical cross trainer machines deliver a total body workout in a safe, controlled way, which makes them perfect for all fitness and experience levels. 

Inbuilt programmes and adjustable resistance will help you build stamina, burn fat and improve your cardiac health. With ongoing use and as your fitness levels increase, turn up the intensity. Keep seeing results from your cross trainer efforts by setting harder resistances and a faster pace. 

Worried you’ll get bored doing the same action? Mix up your sessions. Challenge yourself to train in time with a guided programme or set your own tempo with some freestyle stepping, switching between forward and backward motions to work different muscles. 

Whichever setting you choose, expect a total body workout. These machines are designed to get your arms push-pulling, your legs pumping and your abs crunching. Working your body this hard may sound tough, but the beauty of cross trainers and elliptical trainers is getting maximum movement with minimum pressure on your joints. So, no matter your age, experience, weight or existing injuries, these machines give you a comfortable, low-impact way to work out. 

With all these benefits, it’s easy to understand why professional gyms invest in more than just one.