Cross trainers, also called ellipticals, are fantastic cardio machines that will give you the full-body workout you’re looking for. Unlike treadmills or stationary exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers work both your upper and lower body. This is a huge advantage, with a cross trainer workout helping to burn more calories than other cardio machines that only focus on one half of the body, helping you see results faster and more effectively. 

Here at World Fitness, we love cross trainers. Not just because they’re excellent for boosting stamina and aerobic capacity, but because they also put less stress on your joints when compared to other cardio-based exercises. As a low impact option, it means you can train harder and for longer. On top of this, ellipticals also have the ability to improve your balance, strengthen your upper and lower body simultaneously, and burn excess body fat fast - all of which are huge benefits. 

Our cross trainer & elliptical range features machines from leading brands like Spirit, Bodyworx and Impetus. We have carefully selected our collection based on the elite built-in programs and varying resistance levels of these machines, all of which are designed to challenge users of all ages and fitness levels. No matter what you’re looking for, you can be sure World Fitness will have the perfect cross trainer for you.

Cross Trainers & Ellipticals FAQs

Which is better: cross trainer or elliptical?

In a nutshell, a cross-trainer is simply a type of elliptical machine.  They both essentially do the same thing, moving your legs in an ellipse motion to work different muscle groups. The only difference is that a cross trainer adds your arms into the mix, giving you an upper body workout too. Depending on your fitness goals, each machine has its pros and cons, but in general, a cross trainer will give you a more effective full-body workout.

Why do ellipticals burn more calories?

We all know that the best way to burn calories is with a cardio workout. Compared to other alternatives like treadmills or stationary bikes, cross trainers and ellipticals engage your whole body. This generally helps to burn more calories. However, regardless of which machine you use, the total number of calories you burn will always depend on your body weight, exercise efficiency and workout intensity.