Slam Balls



    A slam ball, sometimes known as a dead ball, is a weighted ball filled with sand designed (as the name suggests) to be slammed or thrown into the ground with little to no bounce back. Typically made of rubber and a textured surface to make them easier to grip, slam balls are a popular choice for strength training workouts.

    Where medicine balls are designed to bounce, slam balls are designed to be a dead weight. As such, workouts featuring this piece of equipment tend to focus on lifting, squatting, jumping or throwing them into the ground. Their uses are far-reaching, making them perfect for training a wide variety of muscle groups. Train your upper body by lifting these above your head and slamming them into the ground, train your legs and glutes by holding them as you do regular or jump squats, or hold them as you do core exercises to increase the burn.

    Holding a piece of equipment like a slam ball as you complete a workout circuit can not only improve strength and performance but coordination too. The versatility of workouts you can complete using a slam ball makes them perfect for use in a home gym or commercial environment, as you will find they are suitable to be used on a variety of flooring (however should not be used on gravel or concrete).

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