Adjustable Benches


    Adjustable benches are versatile pieces of fitness equipment designed to enhance your strength training workouts. Unlike flat benches, adjustable benches can be modified to various incline and decline positions, allowing you to target different muscle groups and perform multiple exercises. 

    Whether you're performing dumbbell presses, inclined sit-ups, or shoulder workouts, adjustable benches provide the flexibility you need for effective training sessions. Their adaptability and ability to save space make them a valuable addition to any home gym. Discover the benefits of adjustable benches and elevate your fitness routine with World Fitness. 

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    Want some help choosing the perfect weight bench for your workout? Read our weight bench buyer's guide for everything you need to know.

    Adjustable Bench FAQs

    Adjustable weight benches offer incredible versatility. Target your chest with incline, decline, and flat presses and flyes. Work your shoulders with presses and lateral raises. Strengthen your back with rows, and hit your arms with bicep curls and tricep extensions. Even target your core with decline crunches and leg raises!

    FID stands for Flat-Incline-Decline. This adjustable bench offers multiple angle positions, expanding your workout potential by letting you target muscles from different angles.

    A FID bench unlocks a vast array of exercises. In addition to standard adjustable bench moves, decline positions allow you to perform decline chest presses (targeting lower pecs), decline crunches (for an intense core workout), and shoulder shrugs (building strong traps).

    FID adjustable benches provide several key benefits. They maximise workout variety by letting you hit muscles from multiple angles for balanced development. Plus, they're space-efficient – one FID bench can replace the need for multiple fixed-angle benches.

    A flat bench has a single, fixed position ideal for exercises like flat bench presses. An adjustable bench offers multiple angle settings (often including flat, incline, and decline), significantly increasing the range of exercises you can perform.

    Adjustable benches are excellent for targeting your abs. Incline and decline positions allow for exercises like crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups at various angles, increasing the intensity of your core workout. For more targeted ab training, check out our collection of hyper-extension and abdominal benches.

    Yes. Start with basic exercises and gradually increase weight and angle adjustments as you build strength. If you're looking for a more stable starting point, consider browsing our selection of flat benches.

    A preacher curl attachment is fantastic for isolating your biceps. If building arm strength is a priority, consider a bench with this feature. You can also find standalone preacher curl benches in our collections.