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Bodycraft Commercial Functional Trainer LPFTG
Single handle attached to functional trainer
Adjustment heights on cable machine
Bodycraft Commercial Functional Trainer LPFTG
Weight stack on functional trainer
Bodycraft Commercial Functional Trainer LPFTG
Bodycraft Commercial Functional Trainer LPFTG
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Bodycraft Commercial Functional Trainer LPFTG

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A top-of-the-range functional trainer to improve your life in every way. From every day movement, sports and leisure activities, the Bodycraft LPFTG allows you to work out the way you move.

Each cable has 200 degree rotation with 30 levels of height adjustment. This means you'll be able to train from a range of angles and heights for maximum variety.

With dual independent weight stacks, this functional trainer is ideal for building strength and sculpting your physique. Each weighing 72kg you'll have a total 144kg (320lbs) to work with. 

The LPFTG cable machine also comes with a wide variety of cable attachments, perfect to switching up your training and ensuring your targeting all the major muscle groups. 


    Approximate Assembled Dimensions: 99cm (L) x 132cm (W) x 208cm (H).  

    Weight Stacks: 72kg (160LBS). 

    Weight Stacks to User Ratio: 2:1.



    1 X Mounted book describing over 70 exercises.
    1 X Long bar that attaches to both sides.

    1 X Short bar that attaches to one side.
    1 X Tricep rope.
    1 X Multi-grip chin-up bar.
    1 X Nylon strap that attaches to both sides for assisted chin-ups
    1 X Ankle strap
    2 X single handles.

    • CABLE COLUMN PULLEYS: Independent, adjustable cable columns pulleys with 30 different height positions that rotate 200 degree.

    • WEIGHT STACK ENCLOSURES: Full length acrylic panels providing safety & aesthetic.

    • INDEPENDENT PULLEYS: Utilising an independent pulley and weight stack system this functional trainer can be used by two people at once.

    Frame: 5 Years

    Parts: 1 Year

    Labour: 1 Year