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Nirvana Hex Trap Bar
Nirvana Hex Trap Bar
Nirvana Hex Trap Bar
Nirvana Hex Trap Bar
Nirvana Hex Trap Bar
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Nirvana Hex Trap Bar

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Trap Bar

The Hex Trap Bar is a great addition to your gym equipment checklist. Out commercial tough Trap Bars are built to last. With the added safety this bar adds, a greater weight can be worked into your routine without concern of injury. A popular choice – level up your workouts with this specialised barbell.

How does the trap bar work?

This barbell is a premium quality, strength and power bar that will improve your overall functional strength. Include this barbell to complete your workout routine and fitness equipment fitout. This bar is the perfect way for athletes to practice and improve their heavy lifting, and more specifically dead-lifts while limiting the strain and risk of injury on your back.

The difference in characteristics between the standard barbell come mainly in the shape of their centre. For the common barbell, it is just a piece of straight metal that you load weight onto either side on. This shape will assure that the weight load always gravitates toward either in front of or behind the athlete. However, the Hex Bar or Trap Bar is made with a hexagonal-shaped centre that athletes are meant to step into. They are to hold onto the straight bars that sit on the two sides of the hexagon where the weight is attached. Essentially this means that the barbell can now be carried from your centre of gravity, giving you significantly greater ease and safety than ever before.


The Trap Bar deadlift

Trap Bar deadlifts are an awesome way to train your:

  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower Back
  • Overall strength and power


Benefits of the Hex Bar

There are many benefits to using this bar over a traditional barbell for dead lifts, these include:

  • Less strain on your lower back
  • Easy to learn the technique
  • No hyperextension
  • Less spinal flexion

Key features

  • Premium steel construction meaning this bar feels extremely solid to use and lift with
  • Perfect for deadlifting while minimising the strain on the back
  • Sturdy 25kg build with a 700lb max loading
  • Useful for any home or commercial gym
  • Sleeve length (plate loading section) 27.5cm on each side
  • Olympic Sleeves


  • Made from premium grade steel
  • Length 180cm
  • Total Weight 25kg
  • Maximum load 700lb (317.5kg)
  • Dimensions 184x73x21 cm