What Are The Benefits of Drinking Water?

Water is an essential part of the human body and plays an important role in maintaining good health. Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water and it is involved in many vital bodily functions such as regulating body temperature, aiding digestion and removing waste products. Especially during exercise, it ensures that the body is able to perform at its best while maintaining proper bodily functions.

Drinking water in relation to exercise, has many benefits including:

Preventing Dehydration

One of the main benefits of drinking water, especially when you exercise, is that it helps prevent dehydration. When we exercise, we lose water through sweat, and if we don’t replace this water we can become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to a range of health problems, such as muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and even heat exhaustion. 

Thirst is not always an accurate indicator of dehydration, therefore it is important to drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Drinking before, during and after exercise will ensure the body is properly hydrated throughout your workout.

Enhancing Performance

Our performance can be enhanced by drinking water during exercise because when working out dehydrated it could lead to fatigue, muscle cramps and reduced endurance. 

Drinking water before and during exercise can help to improve performance and reduces the risk of muscle cramps and fatigue. It is recommended that individuals drink ~500ml of water 2-3 hours before exercising and then continue to drink ~100ml every 10-20 minutes during exercise.

Regulating Body Temperature

Our body temperature during exercise is also regulated by drinking water. During exercise our body generates heat, and without enough water to produce sweat and cool us down, this leads to the risk of experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

Even if you are exercising in a cool environment, you still need to drink as much water as if you were working out in a hot environment because you can still lose water through sweat. 

Reducing Muscle Soreness

During exercise, our muscles can become damaged which can also lead to inflammation and soreness. By drinking water during and after exercise, this can help reduce muscle soreness by flushing out waste products and reducing inflammation in the muscles. It is recommended that individuals drink ~500ml after exercise to increase muscle recovery.

Promoting Nutrient Absorption

During exercise, our bodies require a variety of nutrients such as glucose and electrolytes in order to perform at their best. 

Drinking water during exercise promotes nutrient absorption as it ensures they are delivered to the working muscles as well as other parts of the body. It is recommended that individuals consume sports drinks or other beverages that contain electrolytes during exercise in order to replenish these nutrients.

Other than the benefits of drinking water in relation to exercise, it is also beneficial in our everyday lives regardless of our levels of physical activity. For example:

Aiding Digestion

Water can help to break down good and move it through the digestive system in order to ensure that all the nutrients are absorbed and waste products are eliminated. If you don’t drink enough water, digestion can be slowed down which in turn can lead to constipation and other digestive problems. 

It is recommended that individuals drink around 8-10 glasses of water per day to ensure proper digestion.

Flushing Out Toxins

Drinking water can help flush out toxins and remove waste products from the body. The kidneys play an important role in removing toxins from the body however they require water in order to function properly. Without enough water, they can not effectively remove the waste products and this can lead to the formation of kidney stones, urinary tract infections and other health problems. 

Promoting Healthy Skin

Water is also essential for maintaining healthy skin. Our skin can be visibly dry, dull and wrinkled when dehydrated however when we are hydrated our skin is plump, smooth and glowing. 

Boosting Brain Function

Water is crucial for maintaining proper brain function. Even if the brain is only mildly dehydrated, this can lead to cognitive problems such as headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. 

It is recommended that individuals drink around 8-10 glasses of water per day to maintain proper brain function and improve cognitive functioning while also reducing fatigue.

Supporting Weight Loss

Drinking water also supports weight loss because it can help to reduce appetite, boost metabolism and increase feelings of fullness. 

In conclusion, not only is water essential during exercise, it is also crucial for maintaining standard bodily functions and ensuring that the body is able to perform at its best on a daily basis. 

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