You can do kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip med ball, push-up stand, and unique YBell exercises all with the one piece of equipment – YBell. It has been carefully designed by experts in fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible for Every Body.

The YBell offers variety during exercise without the need to change training equipment. The YBell design lets you mimic exercises traditionally performed using four independent exercise tools. They are:

KETTLEBELL The YBell mimics kettlebell movements when you hold the YBell with the outer grips. The handles are softer on the hand and there is no ‘hard ball’ to bruise the outside of the forearm when in rack position. Multiple handles make the YBell easier to use when performing ballistic moves such as the alternating swing. The YBell is the perfect tool for people just starting their fitness journey. A YBell in each hand is better for alternating swings, avoids single-handed kettlebell training and increases the intensity for advanced users.

DUMBBELL When mimicking dumbbell exercises, the YBell shape allows the user to keep the center mass of the tool in the center of the hand. Resting the outer handle against the inside of the wrist provides more wrist stability.

DOUBLE GRIP MEDICINE BALL The YBell is a more comfortable option for gripping and is more compact than the double grip medicine ball. Since the YBell is a weighted device, you cannot throw it as you would a traditional medicine ball.

PUSH-UP BAR The YBell is a perfect push-up stand. People with wrist discomfort can perform prone, ground-based exercises. You can relieve carpal tunnel pressure by moving the wrist from hyper-extended to a more neutral position. Push-ups performed on a handle are a good progression to ground-based push-ups since they allow for greater range of motion. The YBell’s weight makes it perfect for push-up rows, particularly when targeting the upper back muscles, chest and arms.


We’re always on the lookout for new gym equipment that can assist us with multiple workouts in one and the YBells do just that.

If you have limited space for gym equipment, whether it be in your home or a commercial space, YBells are an extremely beneficial investment.

Why? Because they double up as four pieces of equipment in one.

The YBell replicates a:

  • Kettle Bell
  • Medicine Ball
  • Dumbbell
  • Push-up stand

This, therefore, means you can complete entire workouts, targeting different areas of the body, with just one piece of equipment.

The YBells are made from a non-slip & non-rust material called Neoprene, enabling you to increase efficiency in your workouts, whilst being able to perform them anytime and anywhere.

The YBells come in a range of sizes to suit all fitness levels including:

  • XS (4.3 kg, 9.5 lb) - recommended for those who are new to resistance training
  • S (6.5 kg, 14.3 lb) - recommended for those who train but don’t usually use weights
  • M (8 kg, 17.6 lb) - recommended for those who usually train a few times a week
  • L (10 kg, 22 lb) - recommended for those who are very fit & strong
  • XL (12 kg, 26.4 lb) - recommended for those who are extremely fit & strong

For workout examples using the YBells, click here.

If you have any further questions about the YBells or want to chat through what size might be best for you, please get in touch with our team at World Fitness.