Foam Rollers

One of the most important parts of training but arguably the most neglected, stretching is essential for overall muscle health as well as joint mobility. Most of us know this, but most of us also know we are guilty of skipping the stretch warm up or telling ourselves we will do a cool down stretch instead (which never happens). Get yourself into the habit with the right piece of equipment from our foam rollers range.
One of the key benefits of using a foam roller is that when used correctly, it can ease muscle pain. Particularly useful after a gruelling workout, the benefits of this are relatively self-explanatory. Reduced muscle pain can help improve your recovery after training, and can assist with helping you perform exercises better thanks to reduced soreness from previous training.
Another well-known benefit of using foam rollers is they can help increase flexibility and general range of motion. This combined with regular stretching can be beneficial in improving your overall performance.
Our range of foam rollers has plenty of options depending on what your needs may be. Find traditionally sized foam rollers, multi packs to help you stock up or mini rollers to help you target a particular muscle or group and increase circulation. We also have a massage ball which is perfect for getting into harder to reach areas such as hips and shoulders.
Exercising is an important part of looking after yourself, but stretching is equally as important for recovery and taking care of your body. Shop our range of foam rollers online at World Fitness Australia and start incorporating a stretch into the start or end of your workout.