Pin Loaded Machines

If you are looking to gradually condition your strength and work up a sweat, pin loaded gym equipment is the perfect solution.

Pin loaded machines, sometimes referred to as single station gym equipment, lets you choose the amount of weight you want to lift by using a rod or pin. Using a pin loaded machine is both effective and easy, giving you all the benefits of weight training without having to handle free weights in the same way you have to with plate loaded machines.
Pin loaded gym equipment can be suitable for a range of training purposes. Ideal for beginners looking for a low level weight while they start their fitness journey, pin loaded equipment is also appropriate for more experienced people looking to do strength training or warm up before their free weights.

Our range of machines offers a variety of features to ensure a smooth training experience. From quick and easy adjustments so you can ensure it suits your height needs, to self-aligning nylon pulleys to allow for smooth exercises, these pieces are suitable for personal or commercial environments.

Our range of pin loaded machines have options to train your upper or lower body, depending on your fitness goals and training focus. From leg curl machines to lat pulldowns and row machines, finding the right machine to suit your needs is no challenge at all. With weights up to 110kg, you are sure to get plenty of use out of these machines, whether personally or for your clients in a commercial space.
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