Personal Trainer Packages



    Creating an elite gym space for your and your clients has never been easier with these quick pick packages. Featuring all the necessities, our PT bundles will save you a ton of time, space and money, allowing you to stay focused on your career and fitness goals!

    Depending on your speciality as a personal trainer, the equipment you may need to train with clients can change. Our range of packages has plenty of options so that whatever you may need to have on hand, you can rest assured that you can easily buy it all in one place. 

    If you are looking to restock or extend the range of weights you have available, we have plenty of bumper plate sets so you can have a variety to choose from for your clients (or your own personal training). With options including plates weighing 5kg up to 25kg, plus barbells and spring collars to minimise plate movement, these strength training packs are perfect to have on hand as a trainer. 

    If your training tends to be more cardio or machine focused, we also offer equipment packages that include a stationary bike, rower and ski machine. Perfect for improving cardio fitness, this set is perfect for cardio improvements, full-body toning and weight loss. This set was put together with versatility in mind so you can tailor workout plans as needed. 

    For combination workouts, we also offer packages that have cardio and strength-based training equipment included, such as benches, functional trainers, rowers and stationary bikes, so finding the right combination to service your clients is stress-free.

    No matter what kind of equipment you need as a personal trainer, find a variety of sets to suit your business models with our personal trainer packages online at World Fitness now.