Machines and Multi Stations


    Machines and Multi Stations

    No matter what piece of equipment you may need for your gym station, our range has you covered. From multi stations and machines to attachments, finding the piece you need is no challenge at all.

    If you are looking for gym multi stations we have plenty to choose from. Multi stations make for the perfect piece of gym equipment thanks to the way they let your train a variety of ways and that they make for a convenient way to save space too. Regardless of how you like to train, our range of multi station equipment has options for everyone. The Body Iron Power Cage System offers endless combinations, whether you want to target arms with pull ups, abs with crunches or legs by using the barbell crutches in between sets, it can help you tone your entire body. Alternatively, if you want to target a specific area like your upper body, you could try one of our functional trainers so you can perform a wide variety of exercises with varying weights to build strength or size.

    We also offer a range of accessories to assist you with your workouts. With a variety of cable attachments including row cables, single hand cables, sports stick cable attachments and more. If you have a need for a new handle for your machine, our range can cover this. We also have plenty of bars including lat pulldown bars, curl bars and more.

    Find the equipment you need whether it is a multi station to enhance your training or accessories for a machine you already have, you can find it online with World Fitness Australia. Perfect for saving space and suitable for commercial gyms or personal use, shop the range online.