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    Power Rack Accessories

    Enhance your power rack workouts with our premium accessories to maximise your training potential. From spotter arms that provide an added layer of safety during heavy lifts to dip attachments that target your chest and triceps and J hooks to secure your barbell for squat and bench presses, our power rack accessories offer versatility and functionality.

    Transform your power rack into a comprehensive workout station, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises that engage various muscle groups. Achieve a well-rounded fitness routine with the help of these essential accessories.

    Take your training to the next level with World Fitness Australia's power rack accessories. Explore our premium selection of fitness equipment at our showroom and unlock endless exercise possibilities. Looking for more fitness equipment options? Check out our Wall-Mounted Rigs, barbells and weight plates to complete your gym setup; read our Power Rack buyers guide for more information.




    Power rack accessories are designed to expand your exercise repertoire, improve safety, and enhance your overall weight lifting experience. Accessories like spotter arms also add an extra layer of safety when lifting heavy weights, giving you confidence during challenging solo lifts. By incorporating these accessories, you can tailor your workouts, reduce the risk of injury, and achieve a more comprehensive weightlifting routine.

    While most should be designed universally, compatibility between power rack models and brands can vary. While some accessories are designed to fit a wide range of power racks, others may be model-specific. It's crucial to check the compatibility of accessories with your specific power rack model to ensure a proper fit.

    The installation process for power rack accessories can vary depending on the accessory type and the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, accessories come with mounting hardware and instructions for attachment. It's essential to carefully follow the instructions to ensure a secure and safe installation. If you're unsure, contact a member of our team for assistance.

    When using power rack accessories, safety should be a top priority. Always ensure the attachments are securely fastened and locked in place before beginning your exercises. Use spotter arms or safety pins when lifting heavy weights to prevent accidents. Maintain proper form during workouts, and start with lighter weights when using new accessories to familiarise yourself with their function. Additionally, consider having a spotter or training partner for added safety during intense workouts.

    Power rack accessories have weight limits tailored to their design and function. For instance, spotter arms typically support 300 to 600 kilograms, while dip attachments handle 180 to 300 kilograms. J hooks, used to secure barbells, generally accommodate 280 to 500 kilograms. Always follow manufacturer guidelines and avoid exceeding these limits for safe and effective workouts.

    Maintaining and cleaning power rack accessories is relatively straightforward. Regularly inspect them for signs of wear, damage, or loose components. Clean the accessories with a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove dirt and sweat buildup. Lubricate moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure smooth operation.

    Replacement parts for power rack accessories are typically available, especially for popular and widely used models. Manufacturers often offer replacement components like pins, bolts, or hardware kits. Contact our team to check your machine's warranty and find the spare parts you need easily.

    Most power rack accessories come with a manufacturer's warranty, often covering structural defects. This warranty typically lasts one year for attachments like spotters, J hooks, and dip attachments. Warranty terms may vary between brands and models, so reviewing the specific warranty information for each power rack accessory is important.

    Selecting the right power rack accessories depends on your specific training goals and preferences. Consider the exercises you want to incorporate into your routine and choose accessories that facilitate those movements. For example, dip attachments and pull-up bars may be suitable if you aim to develop your upper body. If you're unsure which accessories will work best for your routine, our team is here to help.